Inspiring member: Nicole Kien

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1 Nov 2019

Inspiring member: Nicole Kien

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 1 Nov 2019

Nicole Kien

Name: Nicole Kien

Company: LS&H Lawyers B.V.

Sector: Law firm in Life Sciences & Health and General Law

Function: Attorney at Law - Partner

Tribes location: office at Rotterdam Blaak

About me: My husband and me rescued two pretty horses of their unnecessary route to the slaughterhouse many years ago. They are perfectly happy and healthy for many years since and we are very, very proud of that! 

About LS&H Lawyers: originated 19 years ago from the cooperation between Cees de Vroomen and me, when we decided to create an innovative boutique law firm with highly specialized lawyers and customized (legal strategy based) services. We’re focusing on legal services in the Market of life sciences & health and General Business. LS&H Laywers is able to create innovative legal strategy-based solutions in the most complex situations! 

The biggest success: Clients who once choose for us usually never leave us.

Just another day at the office:We get in, have coffee, discuss the day ahead, start our work, go to gym for lunch (or have a lunch meeting), meet clients, sometimes go to court, finish work, go home and take care of the horses…..

The best about my job: There is no legal practice more fascinating and rewarding then working in life sciences & health. It is not just about the money: the legal framework is challenging, but especially it is all about things that can happen to you and me too…. 

I would still like to develop myself in: my profession, languages and social skills.

Last visited event: Venture Café (business) at CIC

Favorite gadget: Iphone.

Means of transport: bicycle

Social media: waste of time

I always have these products with me: IPhone, Glasses, Passport, Lipstick, Fishermans Friend….

In my personal time I'm busy with: the horses but also with educational programs, gardening and cooking.

Why Tribes: Great concept – good looks – nice people (especially Agnes, Femke, Remy and Robby).

First impression of Tribes: Professional and balanced environment to work in.