Eduard Schaepman
24 Sep 2020


by Eduard Schaepman, on 24 Sep 2020

The # was chosen somewhat unfortunate, and yes, at the table there were also some unfortunate moments, but in general I say, 'go Famke'. Not because I think she should influence her followers, especially young people, by placing an unconsidered #I’mout, but because she shows the balls by publicly questioning the current policy. No, the famous Dutch people we’re talking about, are no doctors, and it is clear that they are no spokespersons either. But they do have a voice that is heard. I, too, found the approach somewhat less convenient, in some cases somewhat dubious. But finally, the conversation about the current policy has started, and I’m glad about that.

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After all, that policy raises some questions. Normally we do quite well in the Netherlands, but now things are going completely wrong. The policy is based on a small group of people who are going to have a hard time if they get infected with covid-19, get sick of it, and die as a result. Every society constantly makes a trade-off between security and freedom. The outcome must always be proportional. Corona is less dangerous than we first thought. These measures are no longer proportional. We forget about the other people, the much larger number (more than 16 million!!!) that is having a hard time. Not because of covid-19 but because of government policy, resulting in unemployment, poverty, loneliness, depression, health problems and so on. School-age children, students, pensioners, working people, other sick people: everyone is affected.


Just a few numbers from the RIVM, since February 27th so far 6291 people have died of corona. Of these, 709 people were under the age of 70. Of those, 69.4% had an underlying disorder, 20.7% did not mention whether or not they had an underlying disorder, and 9.9% did not, 70 people. Actually, you can only look at these figures, since the number of false positive test results is also far too high.


You can't open the newspaper, or there'll be another toe-curling message in it. Not enough corona tests, the situation around the mouth cap policy, the numbers that raise questions, I can go on and on. One message about this affects the office business very directly: 'People are increasingly calling the workplace a source of infection corona'. In many cases accompanied by an insinuating photo of office workers (with a 1.5M distance between the employees), and only at the bottom of the message is the statement that 'the RIVM makes no distinction in which sectors people are employed who think they have become infected at the workplace'. I’m really losing my (checkered) trousers here.


Let me explain. Hairdressing stores, slaughterhouses, shops, hospitals, nursing homes, office floors... THEY ALL BELONG TO THE SAME CATEGORY ‘WORKPLACE’. So, the 11.1% of the people who think they are infected in the workplace can work in a nursing home or hospital, but I can't imagine that they work in the office. Especially not with Rutte who keeps on saying to work at home if that's possible. And all those frightened and obedient dicks in grey suits keep Zooming safely from behind the kitchen table... How can they infect someone in the ‘workplace’ if they’re not there? While the professions that can't work at home - hairdressers, butchers, shopkeepers, doctors, nurses, etc. - can't keep a distance. For us office workers, this is very well possible: we sit behind our desk with 1.5M safe space around it, and we don’t leave that bubble for at least 7 hours (and I take some extra time for coffee and restroom visits)., and with adapted routing we make sure we don’t run into anyone on the way home. We can even adjust the ventilation so that viruses and bacteria are killed, we measure the temperature, place plexiglass plates, and so on.


And then the second part: 'the RIVM makes no distinction in which sectors people are employed who think they have become infected at the workplace'. THINK. I think that in such cases we should not think but know. Or are we suddenly allowed to take a nice guess where we have become infected? No, we have to be sure before we use such dangerous statements to call people to behave in such a way that the economy is demolished even further. And yes, to measure is to know. So come on guys, where are those coronate tests?! What about those vague numbers? When will you start thinking about the economy?


I'm not a doctor. I'm an entrepreneur. And I don't agree with the way things are now: we're destroying society. For me it's not #I’mout, but #Iwantanswers.


PS: And no, I haven't let myself be influenced by the fact that my daughters are fans of Famke.