Jort Kelder about Eduard

Eduard Schaepman
29 Oct 2020

Jort Kelder about Eduard

by Eduard Schaepman, on 29 Oct 2020

Some time ago, I was approached to participate in the magazine 'Family business in the picrture’. ‘Family business’ you wonder, but my wife is our recruiter and my cousin is a Regional Sales Director, so that’s already quite some family. And then of course we have little Charlie who is already eager to take over... Reason enough to write an edition about Tribes, thought editor-in-chief Govert Lagrouw!

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In order to give a good picture of our company, a number of interviews had to be conducted. But with whom? Together we selected a number of family members, colleagues, members and partners. I thought it would be nice not be interviewed myself this time, but to 'let someone else talk about me'. And Jort definitely liked that idea. And so, it became Jort about Eduard, instead of Jort about Jort.

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A party figure, a marketer, a picturesque figure, a white raven in his world, a carnivalesque patrician, and a pacesetter' is how Jort describes me in his interview. A compliment, since it’s everything except the office bat that Jort loathes so much, and of which he thinks it's time to free them. But Govert didn't just talk to Jort about me, he also dove into the current trends in the real estate world and of course the impact of corona on the life of that 'pitiful office bat'.


Of course, Govert also talked about that with our partners. For example, Donald Dinkelaar (Ericis), who has been involved with Tribes from the start, talks about the new generation of office users. Fahmi Yigit from Virobuster knows better than anyone how important it is to stick your neck out as an entrepreneur, especially in this time of crisis. From Dorus Hexspoor (Q-Signing) who again did a lot for our corona proof concept (realized it in no time for example), we get a big compliment: 'It is typical for Tribes that the corona proof concept is worked out in detail in the corporate identity'. That’s something you can share at home.


But also, Wilco Drijver (D&Z Domotica), supplier of the first hour, has a few nice words left for us: 'I don't know of any company that communicates so quickly'. That's why we are such a good match, Wilco! Hans Lensvelt (Lensvelt) is also in a family business himself, being just as quick as we are, and shares a nice quote with us; 'never a dull moment when you're with Eduard Schaepman'. With Vitoz (security systems) we also have a nice match, says Sjouke Wijnsma: 'we both go for the total experience. Making sure people don’t have to worry at all’. Ron Hoppema (RHM) also knows that family businesses stand for speed: together with his son Andrew and others, he ensures that there is an office within 48 hours. Fully equipped. Karel Klopper, from our regular ICT supplier Uniscape, has also been there for us from the start, and thinks it’s great that we have a group of partners that stays the same. We can only confirm that!


Cleaning company Hago knows that it's all about experience and hospitality, and trains special cleaners to work in our company, as Jolanda Both explains. Payam Baharifar (Luxury Cleaning) talks about Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein as if it were his own child, and as an entrepreneur you can only be proud of that. That someone feels so connected to one of your locations, and so committed: that makes you happy.


And then there's HVK Stevens partner Jac Veeger, a full cousin of my wife Veronique, who dares to say with confidence that Tribes is successful enough to succeed in America! All nice words about our concept, from companies of which we are proud to call them our partner. Many thanks to all!

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We end the magazine with members sharing their experiences with Tribes, but of course there is much more in it. Curious to read one of the articles, or read the whole magazine? Send an email to!

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