Looking in my blood: how healthy am i really?

Eduard Schaepman
3 Jun 2021

Looking in my blood: how healthy am i really?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 3 Jun 2021

Last week I interviewed Mischa Kremer, founder of Perfect Health. His tip for us business nomads was to have your blood checked regularly with the Premium Health Check, which I had the opportunity to do. Super interesting of course, because I am fanatically working on my health but can't really see what's going on inside. This week I will take you through the process, my results and the advice I received.


Premium Health Check

The 'Premium Health Check' consists of an extensive blood test, a personal lifestyle assessment, well-founded advice/consultation and tailor-made supplements. The 'Premium Health Check' is an MOT, but for the body. There is currently a great deal on offer in the area of supplements, but Perfect Health stands for never just taking supplements again. But real advice based on your health. I am curious! Scheduling the Premium Health Check is super easy. In just a few clicks, you can pick a time that suits you, choose a testing station near you and the blood sample is taken in seconds. A week later I already received a phone call that the results were in and I was invited for a personal consultation with Pieter van Lith, medical student and health advisor at Perfect Health.

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Total picture

Prior to the test, I had to fill in a number of questions which we went through. Pieter looks at my height, skin and nails and asks about my lifestyle. How often do I exercise, do I drink a lot of alcohol, do I experience stress, that sort of information. All important to get an overall picture of the status of my health and what I could possibly change should my blood values require this. He also asks whether I am taking any other medication, which is not entirely unimportant since we have already learned that supplements and medication can interact.


The results

Time for the lab report. Pieter and I go through a lot of blood values, with Pieter giving a clear explanation of the influence of certain values on your health. Everything looks good except for two values. My LDL cholesterol is slightly raised (we are talking about an increase of 0.5 mmol/L), the 'bad' variant of cholesterol. This is where the questions he asked at the beginning come in: is this because of my lifestyle or is there something in the family? I don't smoke, drink 2 glasses of alcohol a week, have no diabetes and am not overweight, so it can't be my lifestyle. According to Pieter it could therefore be something hereditary. There is also a minimal deviation in my MCV value, for which you could take vitamin B11 and B12. But this seems to fluctuate so much, and my MCH and MCHC values look good, that Pieter does not find this alarming.


The advice

Because I can't improve my lifestyle (I exercise 10 hours a week, eat very healthy, sleep well, don't smoke or drink), Pieter recommends a heart supplement, a natural cholesterol-lowering medicine. This supplement could realize a reduction of 15-20%, so I will start with that right away. He also advises me, as an athlete, to use omega 3, magnesium and, if necessary, multi vitamins. I found it very useful and good to know how I am really doing. My blood showed that I am quite healthy and I can tackle the LDL cholesterol value now that I have caught it in time. Of course I will make an appointment for the next Premium Health Check, because I am curious how my health will be then!

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