Luckily we still have the pictures

Eduard Schaepman
31 Jan 2019

Luckily we still have the pictures

by Eduard Schaepman, on 31 Jan 2019

So, we have made a start of 2019. And how time flies anyway; it seems like yesterday that we toasted on the new year! And not only this year is going very fast, because on February 2nd it will be 4 years since Tribes Inspiring Workplaces was founded. I won't forget it very soon, and otherwise fortunately enough is written about it, and we also still have the pictures.


Eduard websiteThe day before the launch of the concept we went to De Telegraaf to tell all about Tribes in an interview. In two hours I told about our innovative concept, and informed the Netherlands about Tribes Inspiring Workplaces. Then we quickly had to move on to PropertyNL, and we ended the day at Het Financieel Dagblad in Amsterdam (nice detail: 1.5 years later we opened Tribes in the Amstelgebouw and became neighbours). The messages would only appear in the newspaper one day later, so there was a very exciting time to come.




The morning after the interviews we started at Trends in Antwerp, to give another quick interview, after which we drove on to Breda, where our communications agency TCC is located. These co-developers of the Tribes concept, Cees Faes, Bram Verbogt and Eva van Pelt were all ready... Tribes was live... what was going to happen? Would the press find it interesting, or wouldn't it really be important? Besides the four great titles I was interviewed for, we had no idea.


Of course, we had activated a 'clipping service', so we would immediately get a notification when an article appears online that contains certain keywords. So with words like 'Tribes', 'Eduard Schaepman', and anything to do with flexible working, we would get a notification. The first 'pling' was from De Telegraaf Landelijk: 'Stamkroeg als Kantoor' ('Usual bar as office'). A great article, thanks to Joris Polman. After that it remained silent for a while, and then my phone ran. In one day 38 articles appeared. It was unbelievable. Following a few interviews, all media of the Netherlands took over the message. The day was a resounding success and gave good courage to the first branch, the official opening of Tribes Eindhoven on May 21, 2015

 wk05 ES photo4


Anyway, now 4 years later we have 23 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with big expansion plans for the Tribes network, and every step in this adventure is great, but I will always look back on that one day my idea was born.

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