meet our colleague: Femke Wanders

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
29 May 2020

meet our colleague: Femke Wanders

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 29 May 2020


Tribes interviewed this week a colleague which is very inspiring. She works and is a hostess at our beautiful Tribes location Rotterdam Blaak. Femke Wanders is 24 years old and born in Capelle a/d Ijssel, but grew up in Rotterdam near the Witte de Withstraat. The Witte de Withstraat is a famous nightlife street with cafes, restaurants, art galleries, various shops, and municipal monuments.  Definitely a street you must have seen in Rotterdam. In the weekends she can regularly be found with her friends on the Witte de Withstraat for a drink and a dance.

Femke's career at Tribes started at an employment agency.  At the time, she was also studying HBO Facility Management. Unfortunately, at that time she could not fully focus on her studies and decided to take an "in-between year". Femke loves working at Tribes so much that she works already for two and a half years now. She also likes her work, because it is close to where she lives. Especially if you have to start at 8:00 AM. That's why she easily grabs the bike to go to work.

The members at Tribes location Rotterdam Blaak know Femke as an enthusiastic, cheerful, and helpful personIf you would like to visit the Tribes location Rotterdam Blaak, Femke will be there for you to show you around! She likes to give presentations and she love to guide a tour in this beautiful monumental building. Even the guided tours are still fun for her after 2,5 years. And especially giving a tour in the basement to see the remains of the old vaults . That is just fantastic! And yes, she thinks that Tribes location Rotterdam Blaak is the most beautiful location from Rotterdam!

Before Femke joined Tribes, she gave a presentation about the new flex-working on coworking spaces. She did not expect to work at Tribes two weeks later! Femke found it all interesting, that there are workplaces where you can just walk into it and find a place to feel comfortable and work. Now, two years later, flex-working has become very popular and normal these days. The future tells us that we are going to work closer to home. But Tribes has so much more to offer than just coworking places. Tribes has meeting rooms, private offices, webinars, and the most important thing is building a community. To build a community Tribes also organizes events for members.

"One of the nicest events that Tribes organizes for our community; I think it is the; Pitch Hour. This is a well-attended networking event for our members. It is a nice combination of getting to know the companies and our members. And, having a drink with them. On this evening we're serving delicious finger food and there's a DJ present.

We make sure that the members have a good time and that everything is arranged for them, so that they have a nice place to work and that it feels like a second home for them. This way the members can focus more on their core business and we take care of the rest! 

"The first time I walked into Tribes location Rotterdam Blaak I really liked it. My job interview was at Tribes Rotterdam Kop van Zuid (Kazakh). I found the interior very beautiful and inspiring. I immediately saw the examples I had given in my presentation back at Tribes. Inspiration, separate flex workstations, office space, catering, meeting rooms, the entrance with reception and the Trible table , etc. “

Femke is very supportive and likes to help people because that gives her satisfaction. Besides working at Tribes, she has also done a lot of volunteer work. It is nice to see that at her age Femke does volunteer work and contributes to people who need it, that is already very inspiring.

"I'm always excited about volunteering, I love helping people and I certainly don't need anything in return! I especially hope that I can inspire other people of my age because I also know that in my student days, I had enough time left over to do a little bit extra". - Femke Wanders.

What do you like about your work at Tribes location Blaak?

What I really liked at the beginning at Tribes Rotterdam Blaak, it was not open that long and actually everything still had to be arranged. Keeping an overview is important for me and structuring everything by arranging everything logically. We do have a system for everything like folder structure, layout of stockrooms and storage of keys, etc. What I also like is solving problems within the building; now everything runs smoothly, and I know exactly how everything works. I like it when there is a new system that I can learn from. What I like the most about my work is keeping control of my location. I always think it is terrible when I have a day off and I do not know what happened haha. Luckily, my colleague updates me when I am back at work!

"What I've learned at Tribes is that every business, big or small, rich or poor, is important, especially in these times of crisis. We're all together at Tribes!"

My best memory at Tribes was Christmas time. It was so nice to see that there are a lot of Tribes Members who are thinking of you. We were overwhelmed with chocolate to a bunch of flowers as a thank you for our work that year. We did not expect this and, so it was a big surprise for us! Thank you for that!

Fun facts:

My favorite gadget is my wireless vacuum cleaner! I really cannot live without it, it is just fun to vacuum now! Who would ever have expected that! (yes, I really became a housewife...haha) I have a Social Media break and deleted my Facebook and Instagram. But I still have Linked-In: Femke Wanders