Inspiring Colleague: Gaby Giessen

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24 Jan 2020

Inspiring Colleague: Gaby Giessen

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 24 Jan 2020



Gabriella is an entrepreneurial young professional who always strives to develop herself. Gabriella or Gaby, that’s how we know her. She’s born and raised in Rotterdam and lives together with her fiancé Randy and Chihuahua Gio. She works as a hostess at Tribes at the Capelle aan den IJssel location and has been working here for 2 years now with a lot of enthusiasm.

Gaby is ambitious and works hard to achieve her goals whether it is at work or in private. She works four days a week at Tribes Capelle aan den IJsel and she also runs her own company and is organizing her wedding this year.

As a little girl, Gaby danced earlier than she could walk. She was always busy with dance, singing and drama. It wasn’t a surprise that Gaby started at the dance academy of Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts in Amsterdam which she always dreamed of. Discipline, perseverance and self-development are of paramount importance here.

Through her experience as a professional dancer, receptionist and hostess, she has been able to develop her qualities within the hospitality industry. She soon discovered that planning and organizing is in her blood. As a striver, she soon needed a new challenge, after which she started her own company, GG Hospitality. GG Hospitality stands for guaranteeing 100% Hospitality at trade fairs, congresses, events, promotions and company parties. She is enthusiastic and likes to work result and goal oriented. She also has a proactive attitude and knows how to stimulate and approach people in a positive way.

She runs her own company: GG Hospitality

Her company is called GG hospitality, derived from her initials. It is a hostess agency that provides sparkling, charming hostesses, hosts and models at fairs, congresses, promotions, events and corporate parties. These services differ from professional hostesses at a trade fair as stand crew, to host at the registration desk and reception of an event, to representative ladies who offer wardrobe service, in short, everything is possible.

“Generating the best leads or directing more visitors from the walking routes to your stands, everything is possible. Our hostesses are the face for your company. They represent professionalism with a smile.”

Gaby started her own company at the age of 25. She has since built up a large network and through her many years of experience in this industry. The part of her work Gaby likes the best, is bringing in new assignments, planning events and recruiting new hostesses. Last year she delivered almost 40 hostesses for a large event in AHOY Rotterdam. At GG Hospitality, service and quality comes first. Not only for their clients but also for their models and hostesses. The most important factor for Gaby and her company is that it relieves the customer during the entire event, allowing him or her to fully focus on the guests.

What makes her hospitality agency so unique is that apart from the mentioned services, she also takes care of the styling of the hostesses. This way your company stands out among all competitors. Think of a company logo or exclusive costume to complete the look. Do you have specific wishes? GG Hospitality makes sure that whatever theme you want, will happen. Have a look at her website:

Gaby feels at home at Tribes because of the hospitality activities

The vacancy of hostess at Tribes appealed to her because of the hospitality part. She used to work in a hotel in Utrecht Papendorp, in which hospitality also was a great deal. She was immediately enthusiastic: ‘My first impression at Tribes The Hague, during my application process was "wow" what a beautiful interior and decor, it looks like a hotel on the inside’.

Gaby has also worked at Tribes Rotterdam Blaak location, but has decided to continue only on location Tribes Capelle. “I think it's important to build a bond with my members. When I travelled back and forth between locations, I wasn’t up to date on everything that happened on location. Now, I can handle things right away and help members better.’

The activities at Tribes are very diverse, each day is different again, making it very challenging for me. You are constantly switching. It is a large building and I am always in the contact person for the guests, somewhat is comparable to a hotel!

Bride-to-be and a big wedding party

Gaby is happily in love for almost five years now and this year she’s getting married. The big wedding will take place next summer in June. How it all started; Gaby wanted to take her boyfriend to a musical, because he had never been to one before, and she has a musical background. Although he showed little interest, she decided to get tickets for the musical The Lion King on Valentine's Day. Her boyfriend then decided that if he asked Gaby to marry him, it had to happen at the Lion King musical. This is because his surname is ‘Leeuwin’ (Lion) and from June it will be her surname too.  During the show he kept looking at his watch and she thought he didn't like it. After the end of the musical, when they left the building, Gaby already felt that something was wrong, but could not place why she felt such tension from him. Once outside, her entire family was standing on the square. At that moment he turned her around and on a very large billboard there was the text:

"Will you be the Nala to my Simba, will you marry me?"


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