Meet our colleague:  Isabel Palomo

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
31 Jul 2020

Meet our colleague:  Isabel Palomo

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 31 Jul 2020


For this week I have interviewed Isabel Palomo she is Chief at Tribes Brussels European Quarter location, which is inspired by the Hunza Tribe. She has been working at Tribes since April 1, 2017 and she is still enjoying herself. She was also recently promoted to the position of Chief. First, she did the operational activities within the center. Now, she is also responsible for sales to actively seek new members for her Tribes location Brussels European Quarter. It is a new challenge for her, but that makes it varied and exciting.

Isabel Palomo’s colleagues, friends and members know her as a cheerful girl (the sun in the house), no matter what happens she will always laugh. She is positive in life and her enthusiastic approach is there for everyone. She is patient, problem-solving and a tough go-getter. Isabel is always in for fun and she has built up a close community at her center. For example, she organizes fun events for her members, which most of them don't want to miss.

For Isabel, Tribes Brussels European Quarter is her center and also her favorite one. She thinks the Hunza tribe and their valley is a heaven on earth. I like their lifestyle by being very healthy and having the longest lifespan in the world. Also, their way of counting their age by their achievements, wisdom, and experiences, makes me feel very young as I still have so much more to learn and live in this world. So let’s hope for a long life.”

Isabel is an exotic apparition, she lives in Brussels but her roots are in Guatemala, in Central America. She was born there too and she has lived there as well. In 2007 when she was 17 she came to Belgium for the first time to do an intercultural exchange from AFS (American Field Service) for a year. She stayed with a host family and learned French ” I still have a valuable relationship with them and consider them my family too.” After this Isabel went back to Guatemala to study Medicine and came back to Belgium in 2010 to do her university studies. For Isabel, Belgium is also her country, where she’s been living non-stop for 10 years now.

Isabel is an adventurous business nomad who traveled around the world. She has lived in Nepal and India while doing voluntary service as a project manager for the NGO Quinoa, working at CWIN (Child Workers in Nepal) and helping in agriculture to low cast communities. “I’ve done the Vipassana meditation (15 days of silence, no phone, computer, no reading, no talking to anyone for 15 days, only meditating, people wouldn’t believe it when I told the story as I love to talk with everybody 😊 ). I’ve done the Anapurna trekking, paragliding, and many more adventures. I’m certainly a nomad, every time the occasion presents to travel, discover places and meet people, I’m 100% in.”

In her personal time, she likes spending time with her friends and family. Especially catching-up with her family in Guatemala, USA and her friends abroad. In her free time or after a long day at work she likes to read books, listen to music, dance (of course, she is a Latina) and sometimes she tries to cook something. During summer, she likes to chill out at the terrace and in wintertime, she loves watching a movie. Sometimes she also does voluntary service as it is important for her to help the others even if it’s just by keeping them a good company and provide them a smile.

How did Isabel end up at Tribes?

Isabel has a friend that worked at a recruitment company at that time and suggested her to work at Tribes as a Hostess. Later, his friend was looking for a new job for himself and reached Isabel and she offered him a new job trough one of her previous clients at Tribes Brussels Avenue Louise. Then her friend became her client at Tribes EU Quarter as the company he works for rents offices in her center. It’s the proof of the circle of help.

“In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we can give out, completes the circle and comes back to us.” - Isabel Palomo

Isabel’s first impression at Tribes was on the day of her interview. She visited Tribes Brussels Avenue Louise in 2017, which was the first center in Belgium. She was impressed by the beauty of the location, the exotic decoration, and the authentic story behind it. It was very unique and it simply felt the right place for her to work. The reason why Isabel took the adventure at tribes is; “The same day I had my interview at Tribes, I had also an interview with one of their competitors. On one side I had a job opportunity at a stable, international, more classic style company and on the other side, I had an opportunity at a start-up, new in Belgium, fresh and exotic company. So I decided to go for an adventure at Tribes and see what the future held for me. “

What makes this interview so inspiring is that Isabel started at Tribes as Hostess. Now 3 years later she has climbed up and reached the position of Chief. Something she can be proud of. She would like to share her experience within Tribes so far and what she thinks of her new position:

“The best about my job are my colleagues, our suppliers and my Tribes members. My colleagues because I count on talented, amazing, supportive, and fun coworkers. The Belgian team is very special and we’re always laughing, there’s a very positive vibe! Additionally, there’s such a nice environment in the company mainly when we gather with colleagues from The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. My Tribes members because they are the motivation of my daily work, getting to know them and being inspired by their stories bring a very human aspect of my job. Some clients even become friends and you can share memorable moments with them. They also play an important role in knowing if I have provided a 5-star service and a quality experience. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy client.”

The best memory of her life and what has she achieved at Tribes?

Over more than 3 years at Tribes, there have been several significant moments that have shaped my professional and personal path, from challenging to wonderful ones. Having started as a hostess at Tribes Louise, 3 months after, I was given the opportunity to manage the opening (training the new team, handling with suppliers, helping to organize the opening party, etc.) of Tribes Brussels European Quarter. Three months after I was asked to go to Germany to be in charge of the opening of Tribes Dusseldorf GAP, a month after the opening of Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower and Tribes Baseler.

Back in Belgium, I handle the opening of Tribes Brussels Central Station and Tribes Brussels Airport and took the challenge of being Community Manager (responsible for operations of the 4 locations in Belgium). I’ve passed from the position of Hostess to NCO (New Center Opening) to Community Manager to Tribal Chief to my current position as Chief.

I have so many remarkable events at Tribes, from the after-work drinks we always had since we open Tribes EU Quarter, from the Tribes member’s birthdays (I love to celebrate everybody's birthday), to the center anniversaries (we have a great relationship with the Embassy of Pakistan and they are always present and cooperating with us for the parties), to the center openings, to the amazing NYC with my colleagues,… any occasion is good to celebrate and have a party!