Meet our colleague:  Chief Jerrel Ceder

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13 Mar 2020

Meet our colleague:  Chief Jerrel Ceder

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 13 Mar 2020


August 2019, Jerrel joined his new position as Chief. Previously, Jerrel spent eighteen months working as an inside sales broker at Tribes. Over time, Jerrel has built up great relationships with various (online) brokers. Most brokers have certainly not forgotten about the SIMBA's (another word for inside sales department) back then. 'Simba' is the first point of contact within Tribes, bringing supply and demand together. Within the inside sales position, Jerrel was responsible for handling all requests that came in from real estate agents and companies who are were looking for an office space.

When Jerrel meets Tribes

Two years ago, Jerrel’s ex-colleague worked at Tribes. She then recommended Jerrel to join Tribes because she had the feeling that the Tribal culture really suited him. That turned out to be the case. Jerrel went to the grand opening of Tribes Rotterdam Blaak, and his attention was immediately drawn: “I thought everyone is so enthusiastic and what an atmosphere. I was so impressed that I immediately applied for a job.” He had previously contacted Danny Do (ex-colleague) to take hear more about what it's like working at Tribes. Eline and Jennifer sometimes literally made me feel like a Simba by transforming our office into "The Savanne" and with appropriate background music. Looking back, Jerrel has absolutely no regrets, because he is currently still going to work, also in his new position as Chief!

Simba Danny en Jerrel

Sales is in his blood, but he is also service oriented.

The fact that sales is in his blood is also evident from his work experience and the training period that Jerrel has done. After completing his commercial economics degree at HVA, he immediately started working. His career started in the automotive industry as a car dealer. After that he also worked in the energy society, kitchen industry and he even sold dormers. Especially door-to-door sales, Jerrel has learned all the of being a good salesman. For Jerrel, this is one of the favorite aspects of selling. “It doesn't matter what you sell, but you always meet new people with different needs and stories. You are always on the road and every day is different. Never a dull moment!! The best thing in sales is that you can also help others solve their problems.

“The strength of Jerrel is that he is especially good at listening to the customer. You must be able to have a genuine interest, feel it and above all show it. You have to ask excellent questions, listen carefully to the answers and then connect your solution to them.”


Jerrel is now in his new Chief role responsible for the Tribes locations Utrecht Central Station and Tribes Utrecht Papendorp. The function of Chief has a double role, you are Tribal Chief and Sales Chief at the same time. As Chief you are involved in the sales process, such as bringing in new members and the responsible for the operational implementation.  At location you must ensure that your members  are satisfied, continue renew and will expand with their company within Tribes. For keeping satisfying their members, Jerrel does not do that all by himself, he also has a top hostess’s team. In this way they are building a nice Tribes community together.

“The Chief role was getting used to in the beginning, there is a lot to look at. I already know the sales part a bit, because I joined a sales chief during an inspiring visit and I already had a bit of experience in that. The operational part was new to me and especially managing the team is quite tough. I have a senior host Soukayna Bougader and an experienced team who is willing to help me. Of course, I also have managers who give me advice and tips to run all this. In the position of Chief, I feel like an entrepreneur within Tribes and of course you want everything to go well, because in the end I am ultimately responsible.”

The sales part is addictive, because you want to bring in the prospect and help people to find a solution. The appreciation you get for it is beautiful. You also build relationships with the members. Because you have a dual role, which is very varied, and you want your members to remain satisfied. In terms of career opportunities for me: for sure the Sky is the limit. But first I want to learn better in my position as a Chief.

Briefly about Jerrel

Jerrel Ceder is loved by Tribes and its members. He is a calm and sympathetic man, someone who can work well under pressure. With his positive vibe, he is a real sunshine. Jerrel is 33 years old, born and raised in Amsterdam. His parents are of Surinamese descent, and he regularly travels with his girlfriend to Suriname to visit his family. He used to do a lot of field and indoor football at top level, but now he takes it a little bit easier and likes to go to a cinema and loves delicious food. Jerrel is a life-lover, it also appears that he likes to travel a lot. He has already visited more than twenty countries. Of course, there is still a lot on his list to discover, especially new parts of the world with his girlfriend!