Meet our Colleague: Remy Ligtvoet

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
7 Feb 2020

Meet our Colleague: Remy Ligtvoet

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 7 Feb 2020

A girl from the south to the city life of Rotterdam and her love life!

We know Remy as a cheerful girl, who enjoys chatting with colleagues or members. She is hostess at our Tribes location Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren (Kop van Zuid). Remy Ligtvoet is originally from Oisterwijk, which is located in Noord-Brabant (the South of the Netherlands). She left the beautiful nature reserve and forests behind for the beautiful skyline and city life of Rotterdam. Remy loves (cooking) good food, and she never skips a party with her friends.

She met her boyfriend Tom eight years ago during a festival, and it was love at first sight. After several parties and dates, her boyfriend Tom wanted her to move to Rotterdam and she did. She has big news and she's excited to share it with the world: they are expecting a daughter!!!

"We are so very excited, and we can't wait to meet our little miracle!" - Tom and Remy


At Remy's home it is already a big happy family, because she also has to take care of two dogs; Kyra and her puppy Bram. 

Remy has now been living in Rotterdam for three years. Of course, she had to get used to the crowds and the high buildings of Rotterdam, but now she feels completely at home in this beautiful city. Occasionally she indicates that she misses Noord-Brabant when it comes to Carnival.

Tribes has the perfect combination of catering industry and hospitality for Remy

Remy likes to work with people, she is a social person: My quality is hospitality and keeping everyone happy. Also having a nice relationship with my members, that gives me satisfaction". It is therefore no coincidence that she studied Tourism and Recreation. But she noticed during her period as an intern that it wasn’t really her thing, especially since she had to do a lot of administrational tasks. She preferred working in the front office, where she helped people solving problems. 

During her studies she has always worked in the catering industry, so she has quite some experience (9 years), and even decided to complete a course in hospitality management. She still likes the industry, but it's also a tough industry so she decided to look for a job with more stability.

Tribes is for Remy: "The best of both worlds"

"Tribes is the perfect combination of catering industry and hospitality. I love that variety."

In June, Remy has been working at Tribes for two years now. After she placed her resume on Indeed, she received a phone call on the same day by an employment agency. A few days later, she had her first interview at Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel. "WOW", was what I thought when I first walked in. What a nice building, and what a fancy interior! Back then I hadn't seen Tribes Rotterdam Blaak yet. I believe that is the most beautiful location in Rotterdam.”  The induction period of Remy was at location Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren, but she worked at Rotterdam Blaak for 12 months. Now, she found her place at Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren, because she feels that the vibe at this location suits her better."It feels less corporate here, and that just suits me better!"

Tribes location Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren is inspired by the Kazakh tribe

Remy talks a little about her favorite location, mentioning the highlights of Tribes location Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren. You can work on the first floor, but you'll have the best view on the 15th floor. It's a beautiful view with the Erasmus Bridge and the tall buildings of the Rotterdam skyline. We're inspired by the Kazakh here, a tribe that uses golden eagles to find prey animals to hunt. As a business nomad, it's also convenient to have an 'eagle eye view': when having a good overview of your organization, you'll be able to make better decisions. So it's pretty inspiring and I love giving tours from our location to explain all of this. Remy invites you all to come by and visit her for a cup of coffee, to hear more about the Kazakh!

Remy is our hospitality salesperson

Last summer, all Tribes hostesses challenged each other to sell as much as possible Tribes booklets. During this challenge, Remy discovered she really likes doing sales. 'I am not afraid to approach someone, and it's obviously really cool when someone buys a booklet because you've convinced them to support a foundation'. Each Tribes location has it's own booklet, in which the story of the Hero-Tribe of that location is told. The Tribes booklet costs 10 euro’s each and the entire revenues goes to Survival International, the foundation that supports indigenous tribes in preserving their lands and culture (with funds, not just money). But Remy wants to do more, besides selling booklets for Survival International, she also wants to grow her community. So I'm always looking for business nomads who can really benefit from a Business Card or Community Card, and I'm happy to explain everything about such a membership to them!