meet our colleague: Sakshi Snijder - Ahuja

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15 May 2020

meet our colleague: Sakshi Snijder - Ahuja

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 15 May 2020

For this week we have an inspiring story from our Tribes colleague Sakshi Snijder - Ahuja. She is a hostess at the Tribes locations Amsterdam SOM and Tribes location Amsterdam ITOSakshi has been working for Tribes for three years now. She came to Tribes through an employment agency and started her career at Tribes Utrecht Central Station and at Tribes location Amsterdam ITO. After a year she decided to work in a permanent location and that is on the South Axis.  The locations of Tribes Amsterdam South Axis ITO  and Tribes Amsterdam South Axis SOM are popular locations to work. Especially Tribes location ITO has been in the media a lot lately because of the "Blue Zone Offices" that offers corona proof office spaces and flex workstations. Sakshi was even shown yesterday on Dutch television EENVANDAAG together with Eduard Schaepman (Chief & Founder) about the temperature measurement at the office.

Sakshi is always having a good time at Tribes and is well-known by our members. The members know Sakshi as a spontaneous, helpful lady who loves to chat. She can easily make contact with people, and she also likes to get to know new people. She is known for her hospitality and does her best to help her members in the best possible way. 

Sakshi first impression at Tribes. She had her first appointment at Tribes Amsterdam Amstel and the second interview at Tribes Utrecht Central Station. She loves both locations, and they both have a different look and feel. Each location is different and that makes Tribes unique compared to other business centers. It is not just an office but an inspiring office with beautiful decor, colorful and it gives a homely feeling. When she works at Tribes, she regularly gets people walking in and thinking it is a cafeteria. "I just love it and of course people can also order a cup of coffee.

She is always willing to grow at Tribes, but she is also a mother, which is a big responsibility to. Now she works three days a week at Tribes and sometimes it becomes more difficult for her to grow. But when her daughter becomes more independent than she will have more freedom to learn new things, she is certainly open to that!

sakshi SOMtribe met CASOur Chief Casper Klap and our Hostess Sakshi Snijder-Ahuja

What are the reactions of the "Blue zone offices"?

The members like the “Blue Zone Offices”. Most of them think it is important to be able to work safely by keeping your distance. We also see that our location is getting busier after the announcement of the Dutch government, people want to go back to the office and be among people. The new members are very excited and curious to see the "Blue Zone Offices" and they want to have a look and to experience it. When you enter our location, you will first be checked with a temperature monitor to see if you are not having a fever. If it is not okay it will say: "you are not normal" haha. Furthermore, we have vending machines for hand and wipes to properly disinfect your hands and immune boosters such as vitamin pills. The real  "Eye Catcher" of the locations are the Blue Zone Fitness rooms with Virtual workout sessions for sports and the Blue Zone Relaxing Area; "here you can lie in a locked cabin to relax after a hard day's work".

Inspiring journey of Sakshi and her background

Sakshi is 29 years old and comes originally from India. She was born and raised there in the capital city of New Dehli. In 2013, she emigrated to the Netherlands, and she remembers that like it was  yesterday.  She met her husband in a bakery shop buying a cake for a friend, and they started talking and ever since we have been in touch. Her husband was travelling  in Asia exploring India and China and on the very last day of his trip they have met. Now they have been married for seven years, and they also have a beautiful daughter together, called Eleanora. 

Sakshi feels completely at home in the Netherlands also because she has a fine family-in-laws with whom she gets along very well. Before she officially emigrated to the Netherlands she first went to the Netherlands for three months to get to know her family-in-laws and to get used of the Netherlands, especially the weather. The first time to the Netherlands that was an exciting experience for Sakshi, but once she arrived at the airport she was welcomed with open arms by her husband and his family. For Sakshi the most important thing is that her family-in-laws like her and that she is happy with them.

"I have been in the Netherlands for six years now and in the meantime, I have been back to India four times to see my family. Of course, it remains very difficult to see your family so little. But I am glad I can use Skype and I often have contact with my family, even though it is different. But in the end, I also built up my here my Dutch and Indian friends and I have a own small family here. My husband and my daughter and of course my inlaws."


Sakshi has the beauty and the brains. In India, she was a teacher, and she taught English and basic French to students. In the Netherlands, she managed to master the Dutch language well in a short period of time. As a foreigner, you often have to start from the beginning again in an emigrated country. The reason is that the study values of India are different then here, as the way of teaching is different.

"It's very important for me to learn the Dutch language quickly and be able to participate in society. Especially when people like me go abroad to immigrate. In the end, you want to build a new life in that new country, go to work, and have a social life. Social life and independence are just very important to me".