Meet our member: Katy Kamiab

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14 Aug 2020

Meet our member: Katy Kamiab

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 14 Aug 2020

For this week I went to the city of The Hague, a beautiful city behind the dunes and where Tribes The Hague is located. I had an interview with a spontaneous lady Katy Kamiab. She regularly works at Tribes, which is inspired by the Maori Tribe. Within walking distance of her house, Katy can go work at the Tribes location The Hague. She discovered Tribes through a friend Georgios, who is also a happy member at Tribes. Together with Katy they are using the Tribes flexible workplaces. Katy mainly works at home, Online but she also visits her clients at their home, or at Their work place. Katy thinks Tribes has a professional appearance and that is important for her when she receives some clients. She also likes to work sometimes in a different environment and meet new people.

Katy is a social person, spontaneous and she loves to chat with new people. Because she is a life coach, she is also very caring and helpful. She runs her own company for a couple of years now; To become a life coach, she is a qualified weight consultant and nutritionist and completed the training of weight consultants within a year and a half instead of 3 years. She said, it was very hard working especially if you are doing an abbreviated education, but I made it; hard work pays off!! She did the training in the city of Utrecht, which was a private school called leefstijlwijzer.(lifestyle guide)

"I like to help people to achieve their goal of losing weight and get more in balanced with the body, their energy and lifestyle. I love my work. Furthermore, in daily life I like to spend a lot time with my daughter and of course as a life coach I am also active in sports.” In the evening Katy loves to watch movies. Her other passion of Katy is cooking. “I give cooking workshops and make recipes for my clients to advise them to minimize the use of sugar and/or salt. But i also cook often Vegetarian dishes, dishes with healthy ingredients which are delicious and easy to make. “So no excuse”

Lose weight with Katy

Katy offers several packages like: personal coaching, online coaching via Skype, 1-on-1 personal training and what is also unique about Katy is a group walk. She gives advice for a healthy lifestyle, this goes in the next steps: Starting with an introductory interview, intake interview, nutritional analysis, plan of approach and if necessary, follow-up emergency consultation.

I have put together a weight loss program for my clients to lose weight within 10 to 15 weeks (it depends on the weight), starting at 5kg, and you can also request a separate consultation. Most insurers reimburse my services under the supplementary insurance. Everyone gets a free introduction from me. From the intake hourly rate applies. But I prefer not to think in hours but in results. I have put together several packages that have led to good results for many of my clients.

"I will first analyze the Food dairy together with my clients to adjust their diet and exercise pattern. It should be a suitable diet that clients gets enough of all the Macro and Micro nutrition, like: Carbohydrates proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and ofcourse fiber. Not eating or bad foods makes more fat in the body. After that, I can adjust my clients diet exactly to what he/she needs, because everybody is different".

Inspiring story of Katy!

Katy was born and raised in Iran. She has been living in the Netherlands for about 20 years now and she has a beautiful daughter of two years old with whom she is very happy. Katy comes from a large family with two sisters and a big brother with which she has a good relationship with. As the youngest of the family she was raised free and could discover the things bye her own. The fact that she eventually became a weight consultant and nutritionist has a lot to do with her background. From a very young age Katy has always been interested in nature. She grew up in Iran to live mostly outdoors. From home she has inherited that sports and exercise is an important part to live a healthy life.

Katy is very happy in the Netherlands and now she built a life here. Of course, she is an independent women, who misses her family in Iran too. But luckily with today's technology she can speaks to her family daily via facetime, WhatsApp, even though it is different. In the beginning when she came to the Netherlands, she had a hard time and had to take time to get used to Dutch culture. "I am very easy and enjoy the smallest things in life as long as I have nice people around me, like good friends".

The company and career background

Before she started her own company, she was a sports instructor and completed various training courses and certificates. She always wanted to do something with coaching and helping others to get the right Balanced and Nutrition. “that’s what I’ve spend the most of my time with” says Katy. Then she thought why not start something as a life coach.

"Your life is in balance when mentally and physically come together in one line! Then everything is brought into balance. Your life your body your physical."

Katy helps people with weight loss, there comes a bit of psychology, stress coaching, sports, and nutrition. Katy is a personal coach who guides someone from the beginning till the end. People can find me through social media, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and calling. Through word-of-mouth advertising she became popular. Especially, the clients who has helped and recommended her during journey of weight losses. Through Tribes and this interview Katy hopes to reach more people who would like to lose weight. In addition to Dutch, Katy also speaks English and Persian to reach a larger target group.

In times of corona her business is going well, she notices that online sessions via Skype have become more popular. "I no longer have to go to the client, or they come to The Hague. The consultation is now mainly done online. This saves me a lot of time and can get more out of my business".

What makes you so different from another life coach?

“I support my clients till reaching their goal, that’s why he/she come to me. Client need good and continuously motivation during the losing weight process. It does make it more easy. Because it happens that the client falls back into their old pattern, which is normal. I’m there to support them on a daily or a weekly basis. I am mostly very flexible so my client can contact me if needed, so I always have 100% results. The most important thing you will learn what is a healthy nutrition and why it makes you lose weight, why some food makes you fat. That makes it easier to know all those answers to keep being healthy. When you have the knowledge there is no going back!!!

Taking out the best of my client is secret of my success.

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