Meet our Member: Meraki-D

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
11 Jan 2019

Meet our Member: Meraki-D

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 11 Jan 2019

Last week it became clear that we also want to offer our members outside the Netherlands a stage. And that has resulted in another meeting with one of our southern neighbours! Again this week the head office in Utrecht contacted Tribes Brussels European Quarter. And even though digital contact works just fine, we would have really liked to visit this branch, which was inspired by the Hunza from Pakistan. A special tribe, where age is not defined by the number of years people live, but by wisdom, experience and performance. Wondering what age according to the Hunza can be granted to Erika Vazquez, managing partner of Meraki-D? 😉

wk02 - Logo MoM Meraki

Meraki-D: Who, What, Where?
Meraki-D does something with soul, creativity and love. This slogan made us immediately curious. Meraki develops workplaces and goes beyond design and construction, as the slogan already suggested. Maraki-D develops efficiently designed office spaces, where working methods and operational needs are strengthened through a balanced working environment. Erika: "Simply put, we make every work environment a source of positive energy and creativity. We change and improve the way of working, and we do so with love and passion".  Meraki-D's activities are currently located in Belgium and Luxembourg. With a varied team of specialists including architects, project managers and change manager experts, this organisation has all the necessary expertise and the right technical knowledge to make every project a success. "We turn every project into something personal. The core of the existence of our customers and their strategic goals are the daily tasks of our team".

Healthy and sustainable working environment
Meraki-D focuses entirely on its clients. Each organisation is analysed in detail. In this way, Meraki-D fully understands the client's business strategy and objectives so that the workspace can be optimally designed to meet their needs. "A project has several phases. Our guidance starts with analysing and determining the real needs of an organisation. Our teams follow each project from A to Z and always choose the best, most sustainable solutions. We offer our clients the following formula: THINK - ASSIST - DESIGN - BUILD. With this formula, we can guarantee the best outcome with all the flexibility and with the interests of our customers. Our focus is always on maximizing the budget and creating a healthy, sustainable environment where human capital is key. We are committed to human evolution in every workspace".

Business Nomads Erika & Bertrand
Erika and her managing partner Bertrand van de Putte, have a lot of experience together in the real estate sector. For more than 15 years they have been developing projects in which the focus has always been on the personality of the client. This resulted in increasing customer requests, which motivated the two of them to start Meraki-D. Erika has particular experience in the technical side of real estate. "Developing efficient and sustainable buildings, in addition to the personal aspect, completed my vision for Meraki-D". Her managing partner Bertrand is originally an architect and experienced project manager. He has completed hundreds of projects. Erika says they form the perfect team together. "With his eye for detail and his ultimate accuracy, he and the entire Maraki-D team ensure that every project is smoothly brought to reality again".

Meraki-D & Tribes
As an inspiring workplace provider, this time we are extra curious how we like this member with us! Erika: "We were looking for a workplace that represents the soul of our company and understands our vision. When we discovered Tribes, it was love at first sight! Tribes is fully in line with our projects. We are having a great time here. Our offices are spacious, modern, welcoming and efficient. It's great that we can use the various lcoations, and the contact with other companies is an enormous support and enrichment of our field! We love it that working at Tribes allows us to optimally carry out the flexibility of our activities!"

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