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15 Dec 2017


by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 15 Dec 2017

Today we visit our location in the Ito tower on the Amsterdam South Axis again. Tribes Amsterdam South Axis Ito has been open since a half year. Since then, a lot of people became member of this location. We take the elevator to the 7th floor and take place in the office of DBH (Netherlands) B.V. Nicoline, who started as Legal Director and currently is the Managing Director of the company, starts telling us about DBH Netherlands and what she exactly does for the company.

DBH Netherlands is part of DBH Group, an internationally renowned company that specializes in setting up the infrastructure of international companies, both large and small companies that operate in the market. The companies serve the aforementioned clients from three pillars: Business Services, Fund Administration, and Real Estate. Nicoline: ‘DBH Group has been active since 1994 and is a joint venture between Dutch and Hungarian global solution specialists. For example, we help start-ups preparing a takeover, or with an investment or we help to attract investors. We do this at legal, accountancy and management level. As a company you can get advice from various experts from DBH Group, including lawyers, notaries, and tax specialists, we can guide you and also carry out all activities. I have been hired to manage the entity, manage our clients and provide various services. I do this together with an enthusiastic, energetic and professional team.'

On a beautiful morning in June of this year, Nicoline and her colleague visited the Ito Tower. They met one of our colleagues and decided to start to work at Tribes after their search: ‘We think the all-in services, the high level of workmanship and friendly hostesses are the extras. In addition, the Tribe that lives in the Ito tower, the X-Tribe, is very much in line with the dynamics or our company. We have a lot of energy and we are young in terms of mindset, this is also what I see within the X-Tribe. '

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