Meet Our Member: Norman Dinkelaar

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
22 May 2020

Meet Our Member: Norman Dinkelaar

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 22 May 2020

For this week we introduce you to an inspiring young entrepreneur; Norman Dinkelaar.  In this article you can read how he started his career and what he has allready achieved. In this article you will also be informed about the company that developed and designed the Tribes locations. Ericis Design & Property Transformers has developed several locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany on behalf of Tribes. Ericis and Tribes have been working closely together for six years on the development of the new Tribes locations.

Norman Dinkelaar is project manager and his career started in 2016/2017 working at Ericis B.V. As project manager he is responsible for the project preparation and execution of commercial real estate projects. Norman prefers to work at the Tribes location Amsterdam ITO where Ericis rents an office space. He enjoys working here, partly because he has been involved in the development of this location. The members at the South Axis know Norman as a young, hardworking and ambitious entrepreneur. The other days Norman works from Gouda. His employer has developed several office buildings here in the past. Gouda is therefore the 'home base' for the company's employees. The office space of the ITO is used for consultation with clients from the region. Norman himself lives in Amsterdam and therefore he enjoys working here.

The company: Ericis Design & Property Transformers
Ericis Design & Property Transformers was founded in 1994. Project managers, (interior) architects and engineers work as a team on the redevelopment of commercial real estate. Within these projects they focus on the specialties of; project management, hospitality, workplace concepts, engineering, sustainability and design. The team not only ensures the desired end result, but also investigates whether projects are financially feasible and technically feasible.

Ericis is an expert in transforming office buildings, among other things. At Ericis we try to respond to the latest developments in the real estate market and they always look two steps ahead. In addition to the redevelopment of office buildings, the company has been active in the Caribbean for more than twenty years. There the team focuses on projects of private homes/apartments and shops.

How did the interest in construction come about?
"In high school, I had studied E&M (Economy & Society). Afterwards, however, I found out that project development interested me more. By chance, I then found out that it was possible to follow Construction Engineering Business Administration with an E&M package. My grandfather had an engineering firm and my father has been a developer all his life. More and more I started to take an interest in the industry, especially after I was able to gain experience in various projects during my studies''.

In hindsight it turns out that Norman was interested in construction from an early age: "As a small child I always played with lego and blocks. "At the kindergarten I was always in the 'construction corner'.

What do you remember most of all?
"The first project I was involved for Tribes, is the new location on the Ito Tower in Amsterdam. A part of the 7th floor was already  completed, but not yet the Mezzanine floor (story floor). Unfortunately, the project manager was unable to continue his work. My father then asked me, together with a colleague, if I could coordinate the execution on a daily basis. Since we had a very short period of time for the execution, and the opening date of the new branch was already planned, we were not allowed to make any mistakes. In the last week before delivery, the various parties involved worked until late in the evening. Fortunately, we were able to deliver the work on time and satisfactorily. The satisfaction after delivery was addictive and I was 100% sure that I wanted to remain active within the company".

The collaboration with Ericis and Tribes
"The owner/founder of Ericis Design & Property Transformers Donald Dinkelaar and the Chief and founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman, met each other at the Moeke bicycle club in Blaricum. While enjoying a beer after a long bike ride, the two gentlemen got to know each other and started working together. Because of the good cooperation Tribes has realized a beautiful and unique concept with inspiring workplaces, offices and meeting rooms".

Tribes characteristics and the way Ericis works
"At the Tribes locations you always come across a different number of characteristics. The world map, the Tribes table de abri's and the pigeonhole. Preferably these are placed at the entrance on the ground floor. Unfortunately (as on the Ito) this is not always possible. Then we are forced to come up with a different concept. On the Mezzanine floor you have, for example, the Meet & Greet area with various flexplaces, the bar and the counter with the hostess. The challenge is to come up with a 'working' concept for the client.

For Tribes we investigate a suitable layout concept during the project preparation based on the schedule of requirements. Afterwards we work out the Look & Feel, the materialization, color schemes and cost calculation. Once the layout drawing, the design and the budget have been approved, we start the implementation phase. It is our service to relieve Tribes of any concerns during the development of a new office.

Click on the link - TRIBES AMSTERDAM ITO  here you can see the end results of the renovation.

Corona-proof office space is the future!
"Due to the 1.5 meter regulations, tenants are currently facing a challenge. Our team has recently worked out a concept for the 'new way of working'. We think we can provide an answer to the need to be able to let as many people as possible work in the office under the new conditions that the 1.5 meter economy now demands of us. The focus for us was: How to keep the occupancy level of a shop floor as intact as possible. And from there we started working with this as a result. We expect that office floors will certainly have to be set up on the basis of the 1.5-metre rule in the forthcoming period".