Meet Our Member: Olivier Boon Fysio2You

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5 Jul 2019

Meet Our Member: Olivier Boon Fysio2You

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 5 Jul 2019

Brave, inventive, determined. Or: Olivier Boon, owner and founder of Fysio2You. When he has parked his cargo bike - very carefully of course - in front of the beautiful monumental building in which our newest location Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein has been located, Olivier tells us all about his company. His unique company that has been around for less than a year, but is already an indispensable part of many houses, offices and hotels in and around Amsterdam.

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Fysio2You: Who, What, Where?
What do you do if you have been suffering from your shoulder for a while, but you are too busy to visit a physical therapist? Or suffer from such back pain that you simply can't move yourself anymore? Then you grab your smartphone and send an app to Olivier. On his cargo bike he rushes to you. For many people it is difficult to visit a physical therapy practice, which for most people is to blame on a busy life. "And that's why we visit the patient. It is bizarre how many people have complaints which they ignore because of lack of time. Our bodies are not made for many types of work we perform over a long period of time, but society is geared to it. That's why we can't escape the fact that we all need a physio once in a while. And the longer complaints are suppressed, the more sick leave arises". Fysio2You makes it very easy. A referral from the doctor is not necessary and you pay by Tikkie, a payment app via What’s App.

Business Nomad Olivier
We are curious to see how Olivier came up with this brilliant idea and he explains it to us. "When I finished my education, I started working at a practice in de Pijp in Amsterdam. What I noticed more and more was the fact that patients often did not have time to schedule a new appointment. I started to think about the possibilities of physiotherapy on location at people's homes or at work. And when I couldn't let go of my ideas, I did research into the possibilities of physical therapy on location in and around Amsterdam. Of course it was clear to me right away that a car as a form of transport would not be an option. I soon started thinking about a cargo bike, and found out that there was no other 'cargo bike physio' in Amsterdam yet”. Olivier left the practice where he worked, bought a cargo bike, treatment bank and all other necessary materials and started working for himself last December.

In the media
"Of course I needed advertising, and decided to approach the media myself. Don't shoot, don't score, was what I thought, so I contacted RTL Late night and other Dutch talk shows. However, I haven't (yet) been seated at a table anywhere, but it was worth a try! And hey, who knows what the future will bring!" We are impressed by Olivier's determination. And that quality has certainly paid off, since he has appeared in newspapers such as AD and Het Parool. "That media attention has helped me a lot". Since then, Fysio2You has published several magazines and newspapers, including Arts and Auto, a magazine for members of the VvAA. "The edition in which my story could be read was called Arts en Fiets for one month". 

It's all about flexibility
The aim of Fysio2You is to always be present on location as soon as possible after making an appointment. "We are active throughout Amsterdam and surrounding places. This requires a flexible approach. Usually I work about 6 days a week and I visit about 2 to 6 patients a day. And yes, it may happen that I jump on my cargo bike on Friday evening or Sunday morning for a quick run!

Between plants and in the storeroom
being a physiotherapist on location also means working in special places. "For example, I once got a phone call from a shoe saleswoman who had to be treated urgently. With my treatment bench in the warehouse, I started the treatment. And then, between the shoes, my reactivity was put to the test when suddenly one shoe fell down. Luckily I caught the shoe, and for my patient it was just that one complaint!” Well, this physiotherapist is flexible in multiple ways!. "And another rather special moment, was the treatment I did in a huge office where a lot of people were working. Some plants were collected and placed around the treatment bench, in the middle of the large room. According to this patient, this 'wall' of greenery provided enough privacy. Of course, moments like that create the curiosity of bystanders, which I can laugh about. And the more people are curious about Fysio2You, the better!

Fysio2You & Tribes
For several reasons Olivier chose for flexible working at Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein just over a month ago. "I've been following Tribes and Eduard Schaepman on social media for a long time now, and enjoy the messages and blogs that appear every time. So I was already familiar with the concept of Tribes, and besides that I think everyone wants to work in such a cool building in the heart of Amsterdam". Sounds more than logical, we think. And then there is another important reason why Olivier parks his cargo bike at Tribes. After all, Fysio2You has become a well-known concept among other Tribes members of the locations in Amsterdam. "When you make an appointment, the Tribal Chief (location manager) will arrange a room where you will receive physiotherapy treatment in all your private time. But also for surrounding companies there is the possibility to be treated at a Tribes location". 

Attention to all Members of Tribes Amsterdam:
Too busy to visit the physiotherapy practice is a thing of the past! Make an appointment with Fysio2You and Olivier will come to you.