Meet our Member: Prashant Shukla

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7 Dec 2018

Meet our Member: Prashant Shukla

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 7 Dec 2018

Nine years ago, Prashant Shukla came from India to the Netherlands to work here. After working for an employer for years, he decided to start his own business. And now, a few years and several projects later, he has made The Hague a cleaner city by creating an app. In addition, he has made the lives of leisure and business travellers a lot more fun and easier, thanks to an online community. Curious about this business nomad? Rightly so! At Tribes The Hague Central Station we meet Prashant, founder of software development company Savana Solutions.

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Savana Solutions: Who, What, Where?
Savana Solutions, founded in 2016, is a holding software development company that offers custom software development services on various technology platforms such as Native App development, Java, PHP, Open Source, BI etc. With extensive and diverse experience in software development and strict quality standards, they offer the most qualitative, timely and cost-effective software and app solutions. Savana Solutions works with clients from all over the world with offices in the Netherlands and India. "A brand must be memorable and give a positive message to the intended audience, and we can help companies to do so. We believe in solving complex problems and have developed the best solutions for the private and public sector. But as a start-up company we also work on our own projects, in cooperation with the Dutch government".

Business Nomad Prashant
Nine years ago, Prashant moved from India to Amsterdam to work as a Business Intelligence Consultant in The Hague. We ask him about his story. "In India I started the study Commerce and IT /Marketing, and finished it in America. I returned to India and after working in Mumbai for a while, I decided to move to the Netherlands to work here as a BI specialist at Apple and T-Mobile, among others. But soon I found out that I wanted to run my own business". And with his mind full of good ideas he started Savana Solutions two years ago. Shortly after the founding of his company, Prashant decided to take part in a competition, which they won. And the rest is history...

Winners of the residence program of ImpactCity
ImpactCity is the startup and scaling-up community of The Hague. They help innovative entrepreneurs to successfully start and grow their business. In April 2017, the accelerator program of the Hague government 'Startup in Residence' took place. For this initiative, ImpactCity asked their starters community to come up with innovative solutions for the urban challenges the city was facing. Savana Solutions won this award with ‘MyCleanCity’, a residents management system for a cleaner, safer and sustainable City. We are curious to see how Savana Solutions has won this prize and Prashant tells us. “With ‘MyCleanCity App’ you can easily report whenever waste containers are full or unavailable on the street. But also things like a cracked pavement, graffiti or dog poop can be reported with this app. With every notification, you will receive credit points that you can exchange for vouchers, certificates or for adopting a tree of your choice. In this way not only the problems with waste and other things in neighborhoods are solved, but people also receive nice benefits by making reports. And at the same time, the app is a forum where you can easily get in touch with your neighbours!” How cleverly thought up, we think. And with the last part of this app, namely getting to know your fellow man in an easy way, we come straight to the next project of this succesfull company.

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Attention to all (business) travellers abroad!
Savana Solutions has developed an interesting platform, and Prashant will tell us all about it. “We developed a solution for internationals called EasyForSure. This was born out of the idea that when people move to another city in another country, they do not have to change their lifestyle. Now it is often the case, I know from my own experience, that you can feel lost in a strange city. You don't know many people yet and it takes a long time before you know the city well. If you also have to give up the lifestyle you were so used to, you may feel lonely. That's why we developed EasyForSure. Besides organizing events for internationals to get in touch with each other, we have come up with a solution so you don't have to change your lifestyle when you are abroad. For example, if you want to use the gym, you often need to sign up for a year-long subscription. We have entered into partnerships with gyms, spa's, restaurants and other professional services, so that you only have to pay for what you want to use at that moment. Because you're not here for a long time, you need flexibility from services and companies like that. We create a win-win situation: internationals only have to pay for what they want, and companies still get the customers they would otherwise miss out on.

2018126 - MoM Logo Easy for sureSavana Solutions & Tribes
After winning the Startup competition Prashant started working at Tribes because of the central location. We ask him how he and his team like it. "I must say that Tribes creates a very positive vibe. The staff here is very helpful and almost like family. I am very grateful to sales chief Sidney Meurs for convincing me that this was the place for us. And now I have fallen in love with the staff, the location and the service! The whole Savana Solutions team is very grateful for Tribes”.

Get in touch with Savana solutions? Using their app or becoming part of their online community? Visit their websites!