Meet our member:  Rahul Venkit

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26 Jun 2020

Meet our member:  Rahul Venkit

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 26 Jun 2020


This time we are in Belgium, in the picturesque city of Brussels. We have four beautiful Tribes locations in Brussel but for the interview, we went to Tribes Brussels European Quarter location in Avenue Marnix. It is the center of European culture and institutions. Our member Rahul Venkit is a happy member at Tribes Brussels European Quarter. He has been working on location for almost a year and is still having a good time. He knows the whole Tribes hostesses team and he also knows a lot of members!! Everyone knows Rahul as a very kind, friendly oh and he is funny too because he is a standup comedian as well. He also would like to develop himself more in standup, TV presenting, conference and panel moderating.

Rahul is very helpful and attentive. He loves to meet new people. Team Hunza still remembers the first time when they met him. He brought chocolate by himself for the whole team, but also for all the members and he wrote a note with:

“Help yourself to some dark chocolate to go along with your coffee!! Celebrating my first month at Tribes! Rahul Venkit (PS: come and say hi to me in the co-working space”

Since then, he’s had a close relationship with the Tribes community. He is great with people and he is the one who grows the Tribes Hunza community. Everyone knows him as the person who’s always connecting people. Some friends of him became a Tribes member, and Tribes members became his friends, Tribes simply became part of his life!! In his personal life, Rahul is busy and loves his children, family, listening to his music, and not to forget of course his “precious Brussels community”!

“No two days are the same. The only constant has been the good vibes I feel at Tribes Brussels European Quarter since I joined in September 2019. The team there rocks! (Thank you: Isa, Julie, Brenda, and Mounia!)”


Rahul is very inspiring and an international business nomad.

Rahul has traveled throughout the world and seen a lot thanks to his work. He works in the journalism & digital communications sector. Rahul is an experienced Multimedia Editor-in-Chief. He also runs his own company: (worth a look.) On this website, you will find different top videos and articles about his work over the past few years. Rahul is living in Brussels for 7 years now, he was an Indian Journalist reporting Europe for China: “So people simply assumed I was a spy (!) Was I really one? We'll never know... “


Because he's a real international business nomad, he fits really well at Tribes. His adventure all started when he was a little boy. Rahul was born and raised in India and his story is very inspiring. At a very young age, Rahul already knew what he wanted. …and that is being a journalist. Rahul is a storyteller and a spin-doctor; a multimedia journalist and communications professional creating strategic content shaped by perspective and experience gained through a 20-year career in 6 counties so far. He has always worked across the media, international and private sectors for bodies such as the World Health Organization, the Commonwealth Secretariat, NDTV, International Diabetes Federation, and Xinhua News Agency.

“I began my career in my hometown of Pune, India where I earned my first byline with The Indian Express newspaper at age 16. I would cover current affairs, the youth beat, interview Bollywood celebrities, and report on horse racing in Pune and Mumbai. Since then, I've worked in 6 countries in 20 years: India, UK, Singapore, China, Belgium, and Germany.”

Rahul's passion lies in producing high-quality content, especially for a purpose, and developing strategies to make multimedia content shine on social media. In each of these multicultural, team-oriented environments, he has crossed the line between journalism and communication with a special focus on multimedia production.

About his company:

I'm all about using crystal clear communications to break down complex issues and explaining them in ways my grandmother could understand. There's too much of a gap between the elites and the masses, and education is the only bridge. At the moment, there's too much mutual distrust and division, when we're all actually in the same boat. If we as a species don't quickly transition to more sustainable modes of living, humankind faces the same dire destiny.

We use the power of communications to spark progress and development. We do this through journalism, digital content, communications, standup, and intercultural music.


The biggest success of my company is my company's intercultural music platform is called Confluence Allstars which has 4 viral music videos with almost 500K views on social media. The music usually blends Indian and international styles. Check them out!

The best thing about my job is I get to interview smart people from across different sectors that drive the global economy. The best thing about it is that I get to learn about industry, challenges, and trends directly from experts.


Rahul likes social media, on LinkedIn, he has more than 13K followers and still on counting. He also loves gadgets, which is logical because of his media production specialist.As a smartphone media production specialist, it would have to be my iPhone. But I use it in combination with relatively inexpensive tools and software to try and democratize the otherwise elitist world of video production.”

Rahul loves traveling, meeting new people and he's also for his work gone regularly to events. The last event that he has visited was in February this year in London:

“It was a high-level networking event for the hospitality industry called TopHotelWorldTour, organized by my former employers TopHotelProjects. For 3 and a half years, I traveled the world conducting interviews with hoteliers at this exclusive series of events.”


Tribes and the community

Why did you choose Tribes?: It was a case of hook, line, and sinker ever since Julie gave me a tour of the Hunza center. For a year, I had been working out of cafes and bars across the city and was truly sick of the instability. 

What was your first impression of Tribes*?: That I belonged. Most digital nomads are sure to feel the same when they step into a Tribes workspace. There's something about the energy of Tribes staff. It's welcoming, disarming, and enabling. 

The Hunza team has been very fortunate to have met Rahul and share many unforgettable moments with him. We thank you very much Rahul for all the positivism, great vibes, and cheerful spirit that you bring to our Tribes family at Hunza! Not only we were lucky to have you as a Tribes member, but we have gained a dear friend, we wish you all the best in your next adventure as you deserve it!  

Team Brussels!!