Meet our Member: Rocco Wammes

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21 Dec 2018

Meet our Member: Rocco Wammes

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 21 Dec 2018

Under the kayaks of the Secoya at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp, we meet Rocco Wammes, managing director of Fidet. Fidet seconds young professionals in the financial sector. Once settled in the wooden teepee at the Tribal table of this open, bright location, Rocco tells his story. 


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Fidet: Who, what, where?
"Since August 1, we have moved from a chic office villa to this modern place. The inspiring working environment and the atmosphere here are a better match with our identity". We are curious about Fidet's identity and activities, and Rocco explains. "For four years now I have been working at Fidet, which at the time was still called Jufidet. We second young professionals to financial assignments. Our clients are companies in the financial sector that have to deal with large amounts of data, financial components and new legislation. These are mainly banks and insurers. We deploy our employees for different clients and often a 'Fidetter' works for one client for about six months. In this way they can gain a lot of experience and get the chance to develop themselves as well".


Focus on development
Your employees see a lot of different clients in this way. Working at Fidet sounds like an instructive job full of diversity. Rocco confirms. "It is true that diversity is what makes it so instructive for employees. But that's not all. We also make this development possible by offering various training courses and by providing personal coaching. With our 'Top talent program' we guide our employees and offer various training courses. Every employee has an education budget and can participate in technical training courses such as accounting law, SQL databases, Finance and IT, Big Data and excellent training. I also give training courses such as time management and personal effectiveness". 


Business Nomad Rocco
So, you’re a managing director, seconding manager and trainer? Rocco laughs and admits that he has indeed had a busy period. "And then, in addition to my work at Fidet, I also have my own coaching company. Recently, however, this has been fairly quiet due to the hustle and bustle involved in changing the name of our company. And with regard to the training we provide, we mainly hire external trainers. But if there is a demand for coaching related training, then of course I'd like to take care of it myself". We are curious about Rocco’s journey to Fidet and ask him about his story. "Four years ago, together with a colleague at Fidet, I started as managing director. Since then I have been busy with finances and figures, but nowadays I also get a lot of energy from recruiting, training and coaching. Even though finance is still in my portfolio. Before I joined Fidet, I worked as an accountant for sixteen years. I experienced extremely busy times at that time, sometimes with as many as eighty working hours a week. Despite the hustle and bustle, I found my work very inspiring. Still, I always felt the need for a good balance between work and doing fun things, freeing up time for myself. That is something that I now also want to convey to colleagues and to our employees. I myself get that relaxation from climbing mountains. Soon I will be climbing the Elbrus in Russia and last year I was in Argentina where I climbed the Aconcagua. Unfortunately, I did not reach the top at the time, but that is part of the job. From that climbing I get inspiration for my own business life as well as for relaxation. Because while climbing I have only one goal, and that is to reach the top. I set myself the same goal in business life. 'Reaching the Top' has been my inspiration for my own coaching company Business Basecamp. I coach people, sometimes give training in climbing and let people discover how these two things relate to each other", says Rocco. We can only be pleased with such an adventurous, passionate business nomad as a member of Tribes.


Time for change!
Fidet used to wear a different name, and we’re curious. "Two years ago, my colleague and I, together the shareholder at the time from Jufidet, decided that it was time for change. We thought it was important not to change the name of the company too much. When you remove the first two letters of Jufidet you get Fidet, which stands for trust (from the Latin word Fiducie). Besides changing the name, we also wanted to move and went looking for a property that suits Fidet better. In addition, we have changed our logo and entire identity guidelines. And that takes a lot of time, I can tell you! Over the past two years, we have seen hundreds of color samples and designs and had hundreds of brainstorming sessions. 'What do you want to radiate? What is our basis for existence?', are examples of questions we have dealt with a lot. It has been a long journey, but the greatest work has now been done. And with our new offices here, we celebrate the fresh start and the atmosphere we were looking for". 


Fidet & Tribes
It is nice to hear that Rocco and his colleagues feel very much at home with tribes. Rocco tells us why. We ended up at Tribes Utrecht Papendorp via the manager of the lease park at our previous office: a chic villa in ‘the Bilt’ (near Utrecht). That place was difficult to reach and with our new start with the focus on young professionals, that place no longer fitted. He gave us the tip, thought Tribes was exactly what I was looking for. And he was right indeed. I really like the fact that you spread the Tribe theme so well. It's nice to see all those elements of the Secoya. I really appreciate that and again it inspires me for my own company. Maybe in the future I will also have a climbing wall in my office..."

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