Meet our member: Shorombo Mooij

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24 Apr 2020

Meet our member: Shorombo Mooij

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 24 Apr 2020

Shorombo Mooij is a lifestyle Transformation Specialist and is an inspiring member with an inspiring story. He went from financial professional to hospitality professional, from personal trainer to life coach. Furthermore, he emigrated twice to the countries of Curaçao and Mexico has lived there and has also returned. And in 2011 he weighed 100 kg and lost 25 kg in three months without going on a diet. When Shorombo stepped out of the financial world. He has decided not to continue with this. This is not how he wanted to live his life and he knew it can be done in a different way. Because of his own experiences with burnout and depression, this has led him to find his own path and now he works as a life coach to help others find their path. His mission is therefore: maximize your life.

"My personal mission is to inspire as many people as possible to go for the maximum! Stop settling down and go for what you really want!" – Quote of Shorombo Mooij

Shorombo works frequently at Tribes. He can mainly be found at Tribes location Amsterdam South Axis ITO. He is a fan of Tribes and he likes the place to work.

It is very convenient because it is around the corner. I love the design; the feel of the place and the staff are very attentive and nice. I like to have a place where I am sure I have a good workspace and where the atmosphere is such that I can work well. A good working environment is very important to me. As a business nomad, I want to have a place where I can be sure I can sit down and work, rather than having to find a coffee shop somewhere with the right atmosphere and setup. If I want to do "deep work" then I want to be able to fully concentrate. " 

He also likes the intention and mindset behind Tribes. “I love the design and the atmosphere. I find it very inspiring. I was blown away the day I saw the owner Eduard Schaepman (Chief and Founder)  walk by and look at the picture on the wall and I realized it was really him. I always thought it was an actor!”

The South Axis is the place where he likes to work because his target group is here. Here you will find young, ambitious and highly educated people. But on the South Axis he often meets people who are also has problems with themselves.

What does a lifestyle Transformation specialist do?

With the help of my integral coaching programs, Shorombo is now helping others make the same transformation he has experienced and moving towards a more fulfilling life. My coaching programs consist of a combination of an online coaching program and periodic coaching interviews. Shorombo will always first map out what your objective is, only then will he map out a route together with you. Due to his multilateral approach, he will use all possible tools to consolidate your transformation. Think of interactive assignments, reading tips, video and podcast tips, life hacks and tools and even recommendations such as apps and knowledge platforms. On his website you can find more information about his inspiring story and how he can help you during a crisis.

“There are a lot of people who are still in it and struggle with chronic stress with questions about meaning and just burnout.  I am the embodiment of what they would like and whether embodiment or what is possible. And I show that is possible and if you want something else you can. Burn out is not strange, it is just a sign that you may be there and that it is time to grow. It is often a life event, a catalyst for personal growth. Helping people and that is what I do with the people on t. he South axis.”

 Shorombo has now developed an online course to help people get through this current crisis well and healthily. Because he knows how many people can help this, he decided to submit this to Eduard Schaepman (Chief and Founder). Eduard immediately responded enthusiastically, partly because this is also something of which he knows what a positive impact it can have.

“That there is someone who can help you when you get stuck in life and can also remotely do what is relevant now by doing this online. And that is also important for people; who can I contact with  my problems? Most people run into something. Normally when you are not feeling well you also go to the doctor. But with certain private topics you don't want to go to your family, friends or a psychologist so quickly. And you know coaches exist, but who can you contact with if you have problems.  And that is still a quest and, in this way, they can also get to know me.”

 How do you stay positive, healthy and focused during this crisis?

Now with the corona crisis, this is not the first crisis for Shorombo to experience. Nevertheless, in these times he can help a lot of people with his experience and share his knowledge. When the “intelligent” lockdown started, Shorombo went straight to the atomic pilot, from when he was recovering from a burnout. Above all, he learned to filter his media and protected himself from all negativity. He also emphasizes lifestyle:

“When I go through a difficult period, I immediately focus on nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindset. This is the one that can keep me in balance during that high stress period. I am a positive person by nature. How can I do something positive in these corona crisis.” 

That's something Life and Health Coach Shorombo saw many people struggle with and he decided to do something about it. Since the onset of the crisis, Shorombo has been helping people maintain a positive mindset, take control of their moods, and develop lifestyle routines that support them mentally and physically. Shorombo knows from experience how incredibly important this is right now.

 The corona Virus hacks via online!

First, Shorombo wrote blogs about Corona Virus hacks. But in order to reach and help as many people as possible, the threshold must be as low as possible. Shorombo came up with the idea to offer online courses for a lower price. In this way he can make his knowledge scalable and it is accessible to everyone.

If you are interested here the preview of the course! Click on the link below.