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29 Sep 2017


by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 29 Sep 2017

This week, we would like to introduce a very special member: Yoginder Rambocus, the first member of Tribes Amsterdam Arena! We met Yoginder at Tribes Utrecht Central station, the day before he starts working at our newest location in Amsterdam. Even before we start talking about Iquality, it is clear that Yoginder is a real business nomad; he lives in Utrecht, has worked in Delft for a long time and currently, he travels to Nijmegen for Iquality. He doesn’t think that the traveling time is a big problem, but he is looking forward to his new office in Amsterdam, which is a bit closer.

On Yoginders’ business card, the title shows: ‘Solution Manager’ and we would like to know more about that title. He tells us that he also is ‘Innovation Manager’ and that he leads a team of six people who are specialized in software management. Yoginder explains: ‘I make sure that projects can continue to run, and that clients contacts and contracts are maintained and followed. In addition, I take care of our new clients, I talk with companies that come to us for our expertise in software technology.’ But what is Iquality exactly? ‘We call it ‘engineering creativity’, transforming creativity, wishes and ideas to working digital solutions.’ Says Yoginder. He asks us what kind of software systems we use at Tribes. And there are quite a few. ‘You see that digital technology has become an essential part of people’s life.’ Yoginder continues: 'We help organizations innovate by developing, designing and supporting software, apps, and websites. It is very important to understand the business model of an organization, to practice existing structures and to know exactly what the customer is looking for. Once we’ve made that clear, we can develop anything for the client, ERP systems, planning tools, databases, and back and front of applications and websites. We literally build, together with the customer, what the customer wants. For example, we can create an app for inspector companies, which makes it possible for the inspectors to do their job more easily. But we also build portals for international shipyards or secure customer portals for banks.’


We wonder what the employees in Amsterdam do: the software development team, led by Yoginder. His team will deal with chat bots, Sitecore-cms and blockchain technology, a term that Yoginder has to explain daily to both customers and colleagues. ‘I'm one of the first in our company who worked with the bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, both running on blockchain technology. Yoginder looks around, and thinks the block pattern in Hamar's tribal table is the perfect support for his explanation: ‘Blockchain is an inseparable network of data, it is literally a transparent chain of blocks of information.' He points at the blocks in the tribal table: ‘All the blocks are spread in a huge network of computers. The information from the network on all those computers, from the blockchain, must be checked and accepted by a majority of that same network before a next step can be taken. If you make a request, a transaction, in the case of the bitcoin, all those blocks of information will be checked. If the network does not agree with any of the suggested boxes, you can’t do a transaction. Therefore, this technology is almost impossible to hack!'


Due to the fact that many companies are very interested in innovative technologies such as chatbots or headless cms, Iquality is getting busier. ‘But companies from the Randstad mainly choose for a company that is also located in the Randstad, so we decided to open a location in Amsterdam. The customers we already have in Amsterdam and surrounding areas are pleased that we are located 'next door'. In addition, it is also easier accessible, and we can attract young talent faster.’ says Yoginder. Yoginder visited Tribes Amsterdam Amstel first, and as soon as he entered, he was quite convinced of his choice. He jokes: ‘We have a thorough knowledge of technology at Iquality, because we are a bunch of clever nerds. But we have absolutely no knowledge of decor, interior and design of an office, so I was glad that you do!’


On the day of the opening, we meet Yoginder and his team in the brand new location. The men are happy to work in their new offices. We forgot to ask one thing in our interview, but we are very curious about the team's football preferences. Yoginder thinks about it for a moment, takes a look at the Amsterdam Arena and admits: ‘Well, I think nobody of us supports Ajax..’