Meet our Partner: Leny Oosterveen

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
7 Aug 2020

Meet our Partner: Leny Oosterveen

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 7 Aug 2020

For this week I did an interview with Leny Oostveen. She works at Tribes location Utrecht Central; this location is inspired by the Hamar Tribe. Leny is nice and spontaneous, has a great chat and is always willing to help people as much as possible. Every morning she greets everyone on location and before she goes to work, she has a chat with everyone. Every morning she always gets fresh coffee from our Tribes hostess team Utrecht, to start her day well. Her presence and conviviality makes her the sunshine in the house.

At Tribes location Utrecht Central Station is a catering of Rootz Kitchen located. Since a few weeks Leny is responsible for this establishment. Normally she always works in Eindhoven, but because of the corona she now works at a temporary location at Tribes location Utrecht Central Station. "A number of things have shifted and also because not all locations are open by corona and that's why I ended up here in Utrecht for a couple of weeks now". The first impression for Leny at Tribes is what a beautiful location! A lot of attention is paid to this in the interior. Leny has seen besides Tribes locations Utrecht also Eindhoven and Papendorp where a Rootz Kitchen is located. Rootz Kitchen fits well with the concept of Tribes because they both have an exclusive and professional look.

Brief introduction of Leny.

Leny is 43 years old and loves to travel. She lives in the cozy town of Den Bosch in the province of Noord-Brabant, but she was born and raised in Rosmalen where she stayed until she was 20 years old. (Rosmalen is close to Den Bosch.) "In the catering you are of course very much on the move and therefore after hard work I like to relax at home because my work is already a top sport." Leny likes good food, and, in the weekends, she usually goes out for a drink with her friends at home or in a café.

Rootz Kitchen and Tribes

Rootz Kitchen provides full-service company catering when it comes to every form of company catering operation. Rootz Kitchen takes care of full service by taking care of all restorative work and banqueting facilities. To the wishes and needs of Tribes they also provide customization. There are five other Tribes locations where Rootz Kitchen is used as company catering including Tribes Utrecht Central Station. At the Tribes locations where Rootz Kitchen is located the banqueting is taken care of. The banqueting is responsible for the support of events that Tribes gives, and the various meetings. This can involve various activities, such as preparing the tables, taking the orders and then passing them on to the kitchen.

Leny has been working for the Rootz Kitchen company for four years. She ended up at Rootz Kitchen through an employment agency, and she is still enjoying it. Eindhoven is the place where she started, she has had the freedom to do her own things there and just one year now she has built up a nice team. Now she had to leave her colleagues in Eindhoven and moved to Utrecht. It is all temporary, but she does not know how long this will take, at least a year she thinks. At first, she was not looking forward to travel to Utrecht, but a few weeks later Leny has found her place in Utrecht. Now she finds it a nice place to be, because she is free to do at this location, of course she must follow the corona guidelines.

Leny gets along very well with the hostess team of Utrecht, but she also likes the cooperation. Together with the Tribes hostess team, she discusses every morning how many meeting rooms have been booked for that day. Leny is then responsible for the catering and meeting rooms. She takes care of lunch, such as sandwiches, coffee, tea, and water.

When the break starts at noon Leny is ready to welcome everyone in the company restaurant for lunch. During the breaks not only the Tribes members and colleagues come to Rootz Kitchen. Also, other companies that are in the building and people from outside can join us here at Rootz Kitchen. Of course, she doesn't take care of lunch alone, but she does this together with her other colleague.

Before Leny came to Rootz Kitchen she worked in a cafeteria for 24 years. She baked delicious fries and sold other typical Dutch delicacies. She has always worked in the catering industry and that is where her passion lies. Especially that piece of hospitality.

"The most important thing is that everyone has a good time. That gives me satisfaction and that piece of hospitality must also be in your DNA".