Meet the member: Wouter Liem

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20 Mar 2020

Meet the member: Wouter Liem

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 20 Mar 2020

Business nomad and creative entrepreneur; Wouter Liem

Wouter Liem is full of energy and is very enterprising. From August last year he started for himself as an entrepreneur. Wouter has set up various start-ups in recent months. He is very creative and innovative and often comes up with new ideas. The inspiring setting of the Tribes locations certainly helps with this. In this blog he tells 1 of his latest ideas. Wouter can mainly be found at Tribes location Rotterdam kop van Zuid and Tribes location Blaak and works here four days a week.

He is a real business nomad; he travels a lot and is busy with his new website; With Flexdeskpass, with one subscription you have a very wide choice of coworking desks from different providers and that for a fixed amount per month. By meeting new flex workers / members, Wouter gets the opportunity and the opportunity to understand why people work flexible. Coworking spaces like Tribes are an ideal place to meet other entrepreneurs and to have open conversations at a co-working place. He needed all that information for his website which will be published soon. Tribes also occasionally organizes events for all members in Rotterdam. Which is a very interesting opportunity for Wouter to meet other entrepreneurs.

Wouter is originally from Goes and grew up there. He then moved to Delft and completed the mechanical engineering course at Delft University of Technology. After his studies, he went to live in The Hague and work in offshore technology. He gained his work experience with employers Allseas and Boskalis. Both employers are large contractors at sea. Allseas installs oil and gas pipelines and installs and removes large oil platforms. Allseas has the largest ships and equipment in the world for this. Boskalis carries out many different activities at sea and has a large and diverse arsenal of equipment for this. Both companies are largely complementary to each other. Wouter first worked in a technical position at Allseas, after which he went commercial. In the commercial functions it is very important to understand the customer's problem as well as possible and to jointly find the optimal solution that works for all stakeholders.

Wouter has been living in Rotterdam for two years now and he feels completely at home here. He lives with his wife Iris and his one-and-a-half-year-old son Christiaan. Wouter really enjoys watching him grow up. Despite working for himself, every Tuesday he keeps as much off work as possible to do something fun with his son. Furthermore, Wouter has a passion for racing bicycles and mountain biking and he makes large bicycle trips at home and abroad every year. Every summer he tries to go to the Alps with his (regular) group of friends for a week, to make beautiful bike rides along the mountain peaks. co-working places with a membership

Flexdeskpass can best be compared with Onefit and Classpas. These parties offer a pass that allows you to exercise anywhere in your area. Flexdeskpass is, however, aimed at all Dutch co-working places. Now, Wouter and his team are busy getting the service live. From the start of the service, Flexdeskpass allows you to work flexibly at 55 locations throughout the Netherlands.

“The reactions of many office operators are positive and on April 1 we will go live with the website. We focus specifically on the Dutch market in order to obtain the widest and most diverse range possible. Flex workers can then work anywhere in the Netherlands at a nearest co-working place. This is ideal for people who travel a lot for work or who are looking for variety. It is very convenient and efficient for people who travel a lot to have a good place to work close to their home or appointment.”

Wouter also sees a market for companies that offer flexible working to their employees. Unfortunately, this is now the order of the day. “Due to the Corona situation, almost all companies are forced to let their employees work from home. Fortunately, both employees and employers now also see the benefits of working from home. With good agreements and the right software, it is perfectly possible for teams to continue working effectively. Hopefully, when the situation returns to normal, it will be even better for both parties if employees can regularly work flexible hours close to home.

The advantages of the flex worker are no distraction from home, good coffee, an ergonomic and quiet workplace, a much shorter travel time and it is possible to make interesting new contacts. It can be interesting for employers that it is a bit quieter in the office, with employees not too close together. In the coming years, the trend for employees to want to work flexible hours closer to home will only increase. There are several tech companies that no longer have a physical office location but have all their staff work flexibly.”

Tribes already has 23 Tribes locations and most of the flex workers at Tribes see all these benefits, but the difference is that they can only stay with their current provider. The advantage of flexdeskpass is that co-workers have a very nationwide network to choose from. It is therefore interesting for large companies to offer this to staff. The advantages for the providers, such as with a Tribes, is that co-workers who have never been with Tribes can spend a day and experience what it is like to work here.

Tribes Rotterdam kop van Zuid is his favorite location.

Before Wouter joined Tribes, he first looked at other providers. He also spent some time with the library at Rotterdam Blaak and on the campus of Erasmus University. “At Tribes I am in the right place and the chairs are comfortable. That is very important to me, especially if you work all day. Tribes also has a fun and inspiring appearance.

Wouter thinks it is a luxury to be able to go to the office by bicycle, where he previously always had to go by car and regularly had to be stuck in traffic. Now, after he has brought his son to the nursery, he goes straight to the nearest Tribes location, namely Tribes Rotterdam Kop van Zuid. The Tribes locations have a beautiful interior styling and interior. They have thought about this and then the different tribes that come back in different locations. 

At Kop van Zuid there is a beautiful statue of a horse at the reception, super cool! With the other competitors, all locations are the same and often business, clinical or very industrial. But at Tribes you also see beautiful art and you clearly see the difference between different locations. Wouter first goes to Kop van Zuid in the morning because the building is already open at 8:00 am and in the afternoon he often goes to Blaak. It is nice to occasionally change locations; this also gives you new inspiration and you meet even more people.

If everything goes well with his projects and company, Wouter and his team would prefer to have their own office space in Tribes location Kop van Zuid in the future. “Remy Lichtvoet, the hostess of that location, then showed me the 15th floor and gave me a tour. Of course, I was completely sold, because the view here is fantastic! Wouter also notices that the hospitality of the staff is very high! Last month I had an appointment at Tribes Central Station and my appointment was taken care of very professionally. He was also offered a cup of coffee while waiting. Well this is how you can receive people and I really like that at Tribes. "