meet the partner: Luxury Cleaning Service

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
8 May 2020

meet the partner: Luxury Cleaning Service

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 8 May 2020


Most of the members  know Payam or you have seen him walking at one of our Tribes locations. He's very attentive and he always talks to everyone how you're doing. He can mainly be found at Tribes locations Amsterdam City Centre, Tribes Amsterdam Amstel and Tribes Amsterdam Riekenpolder. He is responsible for cleaning these three Tribes locations. Payam founded Luxury Cleaning Service five years ago and the company does specialised cleaning work such as washing glass, cleaning carpets and cleaning buildings. Payam is an approacher,  works hard and is very service-oriented. He listens carefully to the wishes of the customer. For Payam the most important thing is to be flexible and to provide a good service.

Payam is a real citizen of the city of Leiden and has been living in the city for 31 years.  Before he founded Luxury Cleaning Service, he has been a catering entrepreneur for eleven years. Then he met his wife and together they have a beautiful daughter. But before the arrival of his daughter, he decided to leave the catering industry and spend more time with his family. Payam then ended up in the cleaning business and it all went so well that he eventually founded his company: Luxury Cleaning Service. Currently he has fiftheen employees and five on-call workers working for him. In a short time he has built up a broad network, so he can switch quickly and deploy people when he can.

"We are not just any cleaning company. We are a specialized cleaning company. That specialism means; that we have several employees who work carefully with disinfection, such as induction unit cleaning, disinfection of operating theatres, disinfection of Nero infections. This occurs regularly on children's day stays and elderly care. And that requires a lot of energy and attention to clean it properly. Of course, you have to deal with people's lives." -Payam

About the company: Luxury Cleaning Service

Luxury Cleaning service  mainly have skilled cleaning specialties as employees. They have indoor and outdoor cleaning services. Cleaning services he has the expertise in the field of curtain, carpet and parquet cleaning but also cleaning of furniture and equipment. In addition, we provide construction cleaning and can be used 24/7 for cleaning in case of calamities. For outdoor cleaning you have to think of cleaning glass, facades, terraces, gutters and removing graffiti.  With attention for employees and clients, they are constantly working to carry out assignments in the best possible way. Because the owners of Luxury Cleaning Service are also involved, contact with the client can be maintained at least once a week. This offers the advantage that they can be called in quickly and can deliver checks on location.

The cooperation with Tribes

Payam ended up at Tribes Utrecht Central Station four years ago for a major building cleanup. Via another company they ended up there  to clean the Induction units.  That day he met project developer Donald Dinkelaar (CEO of Ericis) who is also a partner of Tribes. Ericis is a full-service design and build agency that transforms office buildings from the inside out. The company Ericis noticed that they carefully cleaned the Induction units. Donald then came with the question if they also wanted to do the other cleaning at Tribes locations for the major building cleanup. And that's how it all started. he now maintains three Tribes locations in Amsterdam.

How was the first meeting with Eduard Schaepman (chief and founder of Tribes)?

"I remember the hour before the Grand Opening of Tribes location Utrecht Hamar and it was really funny. We were at the reception and a whole camera crew was standing around us, but the bar was still completely dirty because of the old kit. Eduard said: This is not possible to film this!  I immediately picked this up. Eduard gave me a pat on the back and said, “for difficult questions you must be with Payam!”  In my dictionary there is no such thing as failure, there is always a solution for everything. “

The strength of Payam is good with management of his team and people.

Tribes as a partner

"You have to be very flexible. It is possible that Tribes suddenly indicates on Friday that they have a new tenant and want to start on a Monday. In that case, as a client, you need to be able to switch quickly and everything needs to be clean on a Monday. The carpet has to be cleaned, the windows have to be soaped, the desks have to be delivered on time and placed in the right place. That makes it not only challenging, but also fun."

"My goal is and of course I would like to add all Tribes locations in the Netherlands to my customer portfolio. I already know what I can expect from Tribes and what Tribes can expect from me. It is for me important to build a long term relationship with Tribes and of course with other customers".

Luxury Cleaning service has already managed to realize a beautiful customer base and his company is growing every year. For Payam is the quality very important. He wants to keep his customers satisfied and not to grow too fast. They have already grown last year by 40%, but they want to be able to guarantee the quality. Furthermore, Cleaning Luxury service mainly has large customers in its customer portfolio. His customer portfolio is very diverse from different branches, but for Payam is every customer central. Much to his disappointment, several companies are figure-oriented instead of service-oriented. This makes them so special that they are service oriented and that also makes them stand out from other cleaning companies. Payam has deliberately opted for this and that makes all the difference.