Meet the partner: Dorus Hexspoor

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
10 Jul 2020

Meet the partner: Dorus Hexspoor

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 10 Jul 2020

"A new challenge every day" 

Who is actually behind the beautiful signing and printing at the locations and offices of Tribes? We interviewed Dorus Hexspoor, founder of Q-Signing. He talks about how the collaboration with Tribes came about.  


Q-Signing is responsible for all advertising at the signing department and he does this together with the company Q-Promotions. The company supplies signing in all shapes and sizes. This can be a banner along the motorway, the decoration of a complete facade, the lettering of company cars or floor stickers. Q-Signing is a specialist when it comes to all the branding you see around you every day.

Tribes knows Dorus as someone who loves to tackle, has passion for his work and lives according to a 'work hard, play hard' mentality. Dorus is customer and service oriented and thinks along in solutions. He maintains a lot of contact with location managers (chiefs) and the Hostess of Tribes. If a member/ tenant has a question or wish about the signing, the chiefs will communicate this to Q-Signing. Dorus will then provide a suitable offer, tailored to the specific needs.

Dorus Hexspoor in brief
As a true Brabander, the enthusiastic and energetic Dorus loves sociability. He lives in Tilburg (South of the Netherlands), where he leads an active life together with his girlfriend Melany. He's also sporty: when he's not cycling or on the dirt bike, Dorus can be found on the volleyball fields. That free time is important to him:

 "To make all the hard work worthwhile, I balance weekly between sufficient relaxation and effort."

The company Q-Signing
Before starting his own company, Dorus worked at another signing company, where he was responsible for the entire process; from acceptance of an assignment to completion. In 2014, he set up his own company as a one-man business. The first period he did this from the garage box behind his first apartment. Two years later he started a collaboration with Q-Promotions and started a new company.

By focusing on the customer's wishes, Q-Signing makes the difference. The company thinks along in everything and Dorus' colleagues work with great pleasure on every project. This is reflected in the experience and service that Q-Signing offers. Dorus: "Actually, we have successes to achieve on a daily basis, because customer satisfaction is our greatest achievable success. Whether it concerns a large order or the delivery of a small sticker. For me personally, the greatest success of our company is that staff turnover is low and everyone walks around with a smile".

Many customers also experience this passion of Dorus and his employees for the work they do. Tribes has been witnessing this tremendous drive for six years, which makes the collaboration a lot of fun. Q-Signing and Tribes have seen each other grow in recent years. "Every day there is a new challenge and we almost always successfully complete it. No assignment is standard for us, everything is custom-made and we can still get our brains cracking for this".

Collaboration between Q-Signing and Tribes
Dorus: "It started with a quotation request from Tribes, which we answered quickly and accurately, of course. There were of course other parties who did the same, but in the end Tribes chose us because we came up with a clear proposal and were clear in the feedback. The first project, for the opening of the Brussels Avenue Louise location in 2015, went well. The inspiration for this location was the Saami tribe. We became enthusiastic about the photography and patterns that we were allowed to get out of our machines to dress up the place".

Since then, Q-Signing has also been able to provide other locations with signing. All the printed matter at the various locations, such as booklets, notebooks, pens and badges are also supplied by Q-signing and partner Q-Promotions. In recent years, the company has enjoyed doing a lot of work to put Tribes visually on the map. Q-Signing also thinks along with ERICIS in the signing plan and pattern photography for Tribes. "So we have been allowed to become an all-round supplier so that started with a first unknown application", says Dorus about it.

Signing in times of corona
Dorus looks back on the past months: "In the corona period, we have been able to support many of our relationships, including Tribes, with the development of various prevention measures," Dorus says. "Think of floor stickers, posters with the guidelines, plexiglass screens in all shapes and sizes, printed or unprinted. We were also involved in thinking up walking routes and created the signing for them. Luckily for us, a lot of work went through during the 'corona time'. We hardly had any sick colleagues and everyone did their bit to ensure that the company can still smoke the chimney in this crisis. Our customers have also been able to receive the same service in recent times, despite the various measures and restrictions in place inside and outside the company".