Meet our partner: Uniscape

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28 Feb 2020

Meet our partner: Uniscape

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 28 Feb 2020

The company: Uniscape

Uniscape is an IT service provider for tenants and landlords of commercial real estate. The services portfolio of Uniscape consists of providing connectivity (internet, P2P connections and more) over their extensive (open) fiber optic network. The fiber optic network is expanded every year with more fiber optic cables in the ground. As soon as a real estate location is provided with fiber optics from Uniscape, building systems can be accessed via this connection and tenants can be quickly provided with the desired connectivity. Another advantage of an (open) fiber optic connection from Uniscape is that not only Uniscape but also other providers can provide services over this network. Uniscape also offers other services such as VOIP, Cloud services and telematics services (data cabling, electricity and building systems). Uniscape now helps and relieves many large landlords in improving their buildings so that they become more attractive and leasability increases. For tenants, Uniscape is a partner who can serve them with a wide range of services. The success of Uniscape lies mainly in the continued delivery of high-quality services with a flexible attitude at competitive market rates.

The Uniscape duo Karel Klopper (right) and Roberto Saveur (left) 

Karel Klopper (Managing Director), together with his partner Roberto Saveur (Technical Director), started Uniscape in 2013. Since the start, more than 250 buildings have been connected by Uniscape. That the duo is a good combination for a partnership is clear when they first met. Both gentlemen have  gained a lot of experience in the meantime with multi-tenant (or multiple tenants) buildings digitizing office buildings. Roberto has knowledge of (technical) fiber, makes the first contacts with building owners and also closes the deals with them. At Uniscape, Karel mainly does operational implementation, manages the employees and keeps an overview of the whole. He is the "connector" at Uniscape. The Uniscape duo got to know each other in the then former building of the Chalet Group in Zoetermeer. Karel was then tenant at that location and now the entire Uniscape team is on the 12th floor. They have now grown to 17 employees working in the office and 30 employees working in the field.

“At a time, I was asked what I wanted to do after my job, and I met Roberto. We shared our ideas, experiences and knowledge, and then a good combination appears to have been born with Uniscape as a result. The Chalet Group was our launching customer who eventually gave us approximately 70 buildings and not long afterwards we were also allowed to add Tribes to our customer portfolio.” 

At Chalet Group, Roberto worked in the real estate industry and built up a large network at the time, he also studied fiber optics. He met Eduard Schaepman (founder of Tribes), who was CEO of Chalet Group at the time. He also met Jasper Bekkering (Co-founder of Tribes) via Eduard. Roberto can remember very well how it all started. At the time, a tenant was able to rent an office space at very attractive conditions that was fully furnished, for example. Then, the idea came that we should rent the offices not all conventional but fully all-inclusive combined with the idea of ​​Eduard; making it a beautiful inspiring working environment.

The first Tribes location was opened in Eindhoven (2015), inspired by the Masai tribe. Eduard and Jasper were looking for a good IT partner. "We want the best IT company" , they said. Roberto answered; What do you want? We can to? This was the basis for the long-term partner relationship that we have with Tribes.

The success of Uniscape - Quote: Watch out for us, we are out there to get you !!

Uniscape is developing as a competitor of the major players in the Telecom sector. High-quality services, flexibility and competitive rates are the main reasons for this. Tenants can quickly access connectivity and related services and landlords receive modernized buildings coupled with cost savings.

 “We have the right DNA to serve these types of customers and Tribes' competitors also want to use our services. It is a certain type of service that demands a lot from the company, it's flexibility and you must be able to switch quickly. That typifies the power of Uniscape” (Karel Klopper).

“We once had to turn this building into a call center in one week, equipped for 300 people on two floors of 800 square meters. Within five days it was fully equipped with everything you need such as the layout, internet, network and Wi-Fi, complete workplaces. " (Roberto Saveur).

Thanks to Tribes and the Chalet Group among others, both men have met other building owners. Uniscape has never had to advertise thanks to word of mouth, people knew where to find the Uniscape duo.

“Our reputation has grown to such an extent that customers end up with us instead of approaching them. I am sitting here behind my desk and then my phone rings automatically, because tenants or building owners must move (Roberto Saveur). "

“It is partly the reputation that we have built that ensures that customers come to us. On the other hand, it also has something to do with the character of the real estate world, it is a small world, and everyone knows each other. There are actually few parties that have substantial market share in the telecom field in the real estate world (Karel Klopper).”

Currently, Uniscape does all Tribes locations in the Netherlands and abroad. Because Tribes and Uniscape have grown together in success and have helped each other, we see Tribes not as customers but as partners of each other. With our skills and services that we provide, we can properly express the entire concept of a flex office operator.

The first years with Tribes were very intensive in which we have grown too. That is very good, because you must explore many things together. The success of Uniscape requires several success factors; skills, experience and happiness. You can come up with something, but it must be at the right time. This is certainly the case with us; luck. Regarding the cooperation between us, we are very different from each other, but we also have a lot to offer.