Meet Tribes Brussels European Quarter

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1 May 2020

Meet Tribes Brussels European Quarter

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 1 May 2020

Besides getting to know all about our inspiring Tribes members, colleagues and partners, we would like to introduce you to our locations! For this week we would like to highlight one of our Tribes locations in Brussels. We have four beautiful locations there, and this time we're going to highlight the location Tribes Brussels European Quarter. This location is inspired by the Hunza tribe, located on the Avenue Marnix and surrounded by EU companies.

As the centre of European culture and institutions, Brussels has much more to offer than most people imagine. Apart from its famous chocolates and beers, there are almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, architecture, bars and much more. Next to Swiss chocolates, Belgian chocolates are rated some of the best in the world. There is a reason for this. Belgians take chocolate making very seriously. Just like beer making. There are thousands of varieties to choose from and endless choices to be made.

The Unofficial Capital of the EU. But throughout Europe and the rest of the world, Brussels is de facto considered the capital of the EU because it is home to many important European institutions including the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament. The reason why the city of Brussels in Belgium is considered the capital is that it hosts several seats of the EU such as the European Commission, the European Council, and the Council of the European Union. A committee of experts put together back in the 1950s supported the choice of Brussels as the capital.

Tribes Brussels European Quater opened officially the doors on October 5th in 2017. By then it was the fourteenth location of Tribes, and second one in Brussels. The other locations in Brussels are Tribes Brussels Central Station, Tribes Brussels Avenue Louise and Tribes Brussels Airport Zaventem. Chief & Founder Eduard Schaepman chose a perfect Hero-Tribe for the Brussels location on the Avenue Marnix, the Hunza, who inspire the members not to judge each other by age.

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The hero-tribe of Tribes Brussels European Quarter are the Hunza, a small group of people from Pakistan. The Hunza are world famous because of the mythe that they can get very old. The Hunza tribe is inspired by their accomplishments, and it’s a good thing to be old. It’s quite different from our standards; we tend to say that people are “to old” to work, while they are just the ones with all the knowledge. Let’s not forget the importance of experience, performance, success, and talent. No matter what age you are.

Today, we know that their ages have nothing to do with the calendar. The Hunza developed the practice of equating age with wisdom, experience and achievements. A wise farmer of 50 years of age, who had accomplished much more than the average farmer, could rightly claim to be 120 years of age instead of his truly 50 calendar years. How competent a Hunza is, and how much he or she has already performed, can be read from the age: the higher the age, the more accomplished.


On the grand opening itself, performed by Chief Eduard, together with Ambassador of Pakistan, Naghmana A. Hashmi (see picture above). The Ambassador was very enthusiastic about the new location: she felt very honored that Pakistan as a country can serve as a source of inspiration. The Ambassador of Pakistan brought some journalists to the opening that day and the broadcast was in Pakistan in the news! How cool is that. Also, The Vice President of the Brussels Parliament, Fouad Ahidar was there to celebrate.

 What is unique about this location?

  • These high-class workplaces are inspired by the Hero-Tribe the Hunza, a tribe whose fascinating traditions and artifacts provide a constant source of inspiration. Tribes members can be inspired by the orange colors that you will find back in the interior with traditional elements. The orange colour comes of course from the color of apricots. The Hunza people eat a lot of apricots, which contains high levels of vitamin B.
  • This workspace is located in the heart of Brussels and located in Brussels European Quarter, is a home base of any kind of business and also surrounded by a number of food outlets: restaurants, bars and cafes. The city centre is full of life and gives a sense of adventure, providing lots of public interest hot spots where you can entertain clients. The space is well connected for transport just “1-minute distance from the transport“ with bus stops right outside the door, so onward travel can be simple and easy! It is highly accessible from the N247 and the R20.
  • It is located very close to the Brussels Airport: There are two airports close to Brussels city. Zaventem (12 km away) and Charleroi (55 km away). You can get in between these airports and the city by train, bus, taxi and personal car.
  • On the ground floor we have an impressive bar and here you can meet other members in the building.  If you need time to relax after a hard day of work, you can use the “resting area”  to recharge yourself.
  • Next to the impressive bar, there’s the traditional “Tribes table”. All locations have one, based on the colors and materials from the Hero-Tribe of that location. This one is unique, because it's square. Every other Tribal table is round, because we've learned from the nomadic tribes that it's best to meet in a circle: there's no head at the table, so there's no hierarchy. But since the surroundings of the Hunza have a lot of corners, we decided otherwise. They use square formed plateaus and rooftops to let their apricots dry, and that's what this unique tribal table is showing. 

    1 - Tribes Brussels European Quarters - Tribes Table 1

Tribes events and community

Once in a month, Tribes Brussels Avenue Marnix organizes drinks with its members, to get to know each other better.  Team Hunza can also help you to have a nice event at our impressive bar to celebrate your companies’ successes. Our team is ready to help with everything you need, from drinks to snacks and complete meals: just ask them! 


Come and visit us and the team Brussels!

After entering the building, you’ll arrive directly at the reception. There, you’ll get a warm welcome from one of our hostesses, Julie, Brenda and Mounia or perhaps you’ll run into location manager (a.k.a.  Chief) Isabel Palomo. They’re all happy to help you and to make you a delicious cup of coffee. Our team Brussels European headquarter is ready to help you with everything you need at this location. Are you interested in this location and looking for an office space, coworking space or event location, just book a tour or take a (virtual) visit! 

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89477035_2910673638976512_2706791645247963136_oOn the left you see our hostess Mounia with the pie, in the middle our Chief Isabel and with the flowers our hostess Julia.