Meet Tribes Rotterdam Blaak

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9 Apr 2020

Meet Tribes Rotterdam Blaak

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 9 Apr 2020

Besides getting to know all about our inspiring Tribes members, colleagues and partners, we like to introduce you to our locations occasionally! This week, we’d like to tell you more about our Tribes location Rotterdam Blaak, inspired by the Asaro tribe. It’s unique, historical, yet surprisingly modern, like an old treasure box with shimmering and sparkling inside. Situated in one of the most central and trending parts of Rotterdam.

The impressive Blaak House is the middle of three monumental bank buildings that together formed the post-war financial district of Rotterdam. It was one of the first post war buildings, together with Blaak 28 and Blaak 40. The threesome made Blaak the financial street of Rotterdam in the 1950’s. The Blaak House was built in 1917, and was a former Dutch Trading company. Due to the mergers in the banking world, the three banks on the Blaak lost their function as head offices. In 1964, the Dutch Trading Company merged with the Twentsche Bank to form the General Bank Nederland (now ABN-AMRO). The three banks on the Blaak received the status of municipal monument in 1995. In 2010 they received the status of National Monument together with other reconstruction monuments from the period 1940-1958. 

The Rotterdam architect C. Elffers designed the building and opted for solidity. The authentic reception areas, representative meeting facilities and efficient office floors make Blaak House once again an inspiring, unique office environment for more than 800 people. The white marble floors, decorated bronze doors and specially designed furniture give Blaak House cachet without overwhelming. The building, Blaak House, has been redeveloped into an exclusive multi-tenant building with a total of 9,500 m2 spread over a basement, ground floor and 6 floors. Tribes is situated on the ground floor and the first floor of the building. 

For Tribes it was officially opened on November 9 in 2017. The location is the third Tribes location in Rotterdam, next to Tribes Rotterdam Kop van Zuid and Tribes Rotterdam Coolsingel. On the grand opening itself, we received the award for Best National Flexible Workplace, for the third time in a row. You can imagine how proud we where! Afterwards, our colleagues dressed up like the Asaro and made a supercool and mystical entrance..! Tribes Rotterdam Central Station was the fourth location and was opened a month after Tribes Rotterdam Blaak.  

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Tribes Rotterdam Blaak is inspired by a small tribe in Papua New Guinea: the Asaro. Tribes members can be inspired by the special insight that the Asaro give us: a good first impression. The Asaro tribe is world famous for their striking appearance, consisting of large masks and their white painted bodies. The interiors and objects in the building are inspired by their culture.

What is so unique about this location?

  • It's a monumental building! You can still see the historical features of the former bank building, making it extra special. When you're there, you should definitely ask for a tour through the original vaults. Because beyond this huge location, there's something extra special. Beneath entire ground floor, is the old bank environment. You really go back in history when you walk around! 
  • It is located in the City Center of Rotterdam and is easily accessible by both public and private transport. From Amsterdam, The Hague or Utrecht, you can reach Blaak House within an hour and within walking distance from Blaak and Beurs station. Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Schiphol Airport are also within easy reach. With 21 parking spaces in the rear parking lot and another 163 spaces in the parking garage on the Wijnstraat, parking is no problem.
  • On the ground floor we have a bar, meeting places and flexible workspaces. Right next to the inviting and impressive bar, there’s the traditional Tribes table. All locations have one, based on the colors and materials from the Hero-Tribe of that location. 
  • There are also small rooms for important phone calls, or if you need a quiet and private room. After work or during lunchbreaks, or whenever it's time for relaxation, you can play table tennis!
  • Near the location within walking distance you will find excellent restaurants such as Fitzgerald, Alan & Pim's and of course Jamie's Italian in the adjacent Market Hall (markt hal). There you can find ingredients and food from all over the world. 

Tribes events and community

Tribes Rotterdam Blaak organizes many events for our members and that is why most of the members know each other very well. Tribes Rotterdam organizes a 'Meet the member' event, just like in Amsterdam.  Besides that event, Tribes organizes also afternoon lunches for all Tribes members in the building. Delicious sandwiches are prepared and served, while it's a great opportunity to get to know each other. We love to built a community, together with our members.

The Tribes Rotterdam Blaak location is a great place to organize business events. We host several events per month, from product announcements to presentations and webinars.


Come and visit us and the team Rotterdam!

Our team Rotterdam Blaak is ready to help you with everything you need at this location. Agnes van Waaij is your Tribal Chief (and if she’s not there, you can find her at Tribes Rotterdam Wilhelminatoren). Are you interested in this location and looking for an office space, coworking space or event location, just book a tour or take a (virtual) visit!