Eduard Schaepman
19 Oct 2017


by Eduard Schaepman, on 19 Oct 2017

Usually, I leave the blogging to my other business half, Eduard Schaepman. And let’s be honest, Ed has a wonderful story every time. But this time we have news that made me nostalgic, and I decided to take over the proverbial pen from him for the first time..


A few months ago I parked my car on the parkinglot, finished my last call and yelled at my wife while standing in the doorway: ‘Li, you never guess which building could be relevant for us…! My old school!’ A little bit surprised she appeared in our hallway. ‘You have to be kidding me? The old HES-building?


Because Eduard and I have strong business relations with real estate owners and real estate agents, they often call us first for the most beautiful properties. At that same day, one of those valuable business relationships, Mans Vroom from Savills called me: ‘Jasper, Raamplein 1, it’s not on the market yet, but it’s a really nice property, do you know it?’ And I certainly do know it…


Spontaneously I went back to the old days, 23 years back.. In September 1994, I moved from Harderwijk, my home-town, to unknown Amsterdam, where I was looking at a wonderful student time at the HES school. On the first day of my study, I was just looking at our ‘school building’, which is an understatement. I remember that I thought: ‘Wow, this is really beautiful’. As an 18-year old student, I had little commitment to the property, except for the times I thanked it for the extremely good location. The property is located next to Café Klaassen, where we contributed to a lot of profit. More than once we made a toast at our favourite brown pub around the corner, and Wim Kieft, who also was there regularly, encouraged us from his favourite seat.


The phone sounded: ‘Jasper? It’s a monumental building, a landmark building, and for once, the opportunity to rent a whole property. Do you want to think about it?’ But I already made my choice, and I called Ed to tell him that I had found a property that has been written for me. A couple of hours later, we visited my old school together, and I followed my footsteps from many years ago. We visited everything in the building, the movieroom and studio’s from the current user Warner Bros (former Eyeworks), the breath-taking view on the canals, the stately columns and beautiful floors, and of course the gym, that also reminds me of a lot of things (every Thursday afternoon we tried to follow the lessons of Japanese martial arts after a lot of drinks).


After the tour, Ed and I walked back to our cars, looking at each other and we said at the same time: ‘Wow, this is really beautiful!’ But the biggest surprise for me was when I told my story to Lia. She knew immediately what I was talking about: ‘Honey, do you realize that your first house is just a stone’s throw away from your first National Monument?’


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