One glimmer of light

Eduard Schaepman
15 Oct 2020

One glimmer of light

by Eduard Schaepman, on 15 Oct 2020

This year seems to be one big test. How resilient are you? Can you deal with setbacks, uncertainty and unreasonableness? Tuesday evening was another huge setback: the hospitality industry closed down again, team sports are over, and a prime minister who gave in under pressure and decided to go for face masks...

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Yet, I see one glimmer of light: nothing changes for Tribes this time! From the advice of working from home, to the maximum number of people per room: everything has remained the same. That means you can continue working and meeting in our corona proof locations: from 1.5M distance to ventilation and disinfecting gels, everything is taken care of. We are still there for you, whether for a meeting room, day pass, membership or office.


But yesterday's press conference was of course a setback. Let alone for hotel and catering owners (who have done their best for weeks, have invested in measures, and now get another huge hit), but also for all other Dutch people. No relaxed drink in the pub for four weeks, no escape in the form of (team) sports, no more events. And also in the autumn: when we still had sunshine, we could at least enjoy that.


Relatively speaking, it's not that bad, you could say. In March it was worse, it's 'only' four weeks and it's for a good cause. But that's just it. There is no perspective for the future, no cause. All right, Minister Hugo de Jonge presented us with a nice roadmap, but I think they will change that too. Several times it has been said very clearly that face masks would not be part of our strategy, and yes, last night our prime minister came back to that. Because 'he was fed up with the discussion'. And a 'once and for all' can easily be reversed. Just like the goal of group immunity: you don't hear anyone about that anymore. Only Rutte complained about the discussions at the table at Jinek and Op1, which he would like to see filled in differently. Just a little while longer and they start talking about freedom of speech... In the meantime - also with all the examples from my previous blog in mind - I have completely lost faith in the government.


But what can we do about it? We are all going to queue up at the supermarket again, where we will anxiously disinfect the trolleys and baskets. Looking at each other as if you've just committed murder when you go into a store without a face mask, and oh my, we're all going to get cranky again.


But hopefully I can offer you a little glimmer of light as well, by emphasizing once more that all our Tribes locations are open, and that according to the rules of our government you can come and work with us. You are very welcome (even if you feel a little cranky) for a flexible workplace or meeting room!

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