Read a book

Eduard Schaepman
5 Sep 2019

Read a book

by Eduard Schaepman, on 5 Sep 2019

Which book is on your bedside table? Nowadays, many people will answer that question with 'none’. The book has made way for the mobile or tablet. We no longer lose ourselves in an exciting thriller or a good novel but prefer the on-demand streaming services. And our childre are all too happy to copy that behavior. The Council for Culture noted that the number of readers is decreasing in April 2018 already, and that the reading time of young people and young adults is decreasing (unfortunately, all those Whatsappjes, Snapjes and Insta-posts that they devour per day do not have the same effect). And when they read, it happens more and more often from a screen (or they choose an audio book). And that's a pity.


Because reading has a lot of advantages, something that my high school teacher insisted on each time when I commented on the literature list (if you want students to start reading, you shouldn't give them a Max Havelaar). By now he would be proud of me: I like to study a good book and when I want to know more about a subject, I read one (paper) book after another about it. It is very instructive; you train your brain by encouraging it to make an effort and gradually you expand your vocabulary.

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Homo Deus, a small history of the future of Yuval Noah Harari, is lying on my bedside table, which I’ve read numerous times. I’ll start again tomorrow, on 'Read a Book Day'. It's from the same author of bestseller Sapiens, a small history of mankind, and really interesting. A number of fundamental questions are dealt with, in which the technological revolution is central. But I can also enjoy a nice thriller, and of course I can enjoy watching a good series every now and then.


Anyway, reading nothing is a missed opportunity. It's part of your education, a piece of training. And it's a lot of fun, as long as you can choose what you want to read (so no Max Havelaar). For my children, I hope that they will adapt the literature lists, and we will see that soon, because my eldest daughter has started on high school this year (and yes, she was ready, and I wasn't ready yet).


Are you looking for something small to devour on 'Read a Book Day'? We have the ultimate one for you: A Tribes booklet. It's a nice gadget for €10, -, which also supports the indigenous tribes, since all the proceeds go to Survival International. And why that's necessary? We're happy to explain it to you in a video. In which we read. You just can't stream it on demand ;)

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