#Shirtball effect

Eduard Schaepman
13 Jun 2019

#Shirtball effect

by Eduard Schaepman, on 13 Jun 2019

It’s a strange time: one holiday after the other disrupts everything a bit (every year again). Projects take a little longer, you routinely shout 'till Monday', while you're not there at all on Monday because of Pentecost. Still, I think they are wonderful days: you can take a break and then start fresh again. The weather was also very good this weekend, and we had an amazing Pentecost!


How did you spend your days? Were you outside as well? I myself went to our house in Knokke, where I have been busy with the children. Cycling, playing football on the beach, swimming, so on. In any case, there was enough time to play again, and while I saw my children running through the sand, I thought back to the story of four-time Olympic skating champion Johann Olav Koss. In 1993 he was in Eritrea and saw how a boy was the most popular boy in the village because he had a long-sleeved shirt. The boy took off the shirt, made a ball out of it, and Johann saw how he and his friends were totally absorbed in playing soccer. They visibly forgot the misery around them and were completely free of worries for a while. This touched him so much, that he wanted to do something: he collected over 18 million euros and returned with an airplane full of sports and playing materials. Including a real ball, for the boy and his friends. It was the start of Right To Play.



From 4 June, Dutch people will take off the shirt for Right To Play in order to generate as much exposure as possible for the organization. The challenge: make a 'shirtball' with your shirt as soon as possible, just like the little boy who inspired Johann Olav Koss to start the foundation. To create a 'shirtball effect', you challenge a number of friends to improve your time. So, before we enjoyed a carefree and long weekend in Knokke, I naturally joined in. It took me about 3 seconds (I doubt if you could have played with my 'ball' for a long time), and I'm curious about the results of the people I nominated...



How fast are you, Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, Moeke Spijkstra, Wielerclub, Casino Cycling Team Knokke, The Communication Company, Guido van der Garde and Bas Smit? Don't forget to donate too! Aren’t you challenged yet? Feel free to start your own 'shirtball effect'; one of our people at Tribes can show you how to make a shirtball. Share your video with the necessary hastags: #shirtball #righttoplay #shirtballeffect and take action!


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