Eduard Schaepman
14 Dec 2017


by Eduard Schaepman, on 14 Dec 2017

The start-up scene in the Netherlands has been growing very fast for a few years now, and the Netherlands is climbing higher and higher on the ladder of most innovative countries in the world (Bloomberg 2017 Innovation Index). More and more startups are launched every year, and we can be happy with that: startups provide innovations and jobs, and they help our economy forward. Among our Tribes members there are also many young entrepreneurs working on a startup. Quick and intense brainstorming sessions take place at our table, investors are invited and crowdfunding campaigns are launched.


I like to follow the growth of a startup, probably also because I recognize the process. We are now a scale-up with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but 2.5 years ago at our first Tribes location, we were also a startup. So I know exactly what all those young guests are doing: keeping 100 balls at the same time in the air with few people. It is a fun, busy and dynamic time, and you’ll feel proud when you’re indeed 2.5 years further and have reached that scale-up phase.


But unfortunately not all of the startups that are set up every year are successful. Common reasons why a startup does not make it is a lack of experience, resistance of the existing market, and limited financing. The startup must quickly experience a large and international growth, which often only succeeds if your idea is indeed innovative enough, and there is sufficient demand for your product or concept.


For Tribes we can now confirm that we have succeeded: according to a lot of people, 22 locations in 2.5 years time is quite some achievement (and to be honest, I agree with them). Even before we officially open our first German location, we are announcing even more new locations at our eastern neighbors. Because I can proudly announce that next year we will not only open the locations Tribes Düsseldorf GAP 15 and Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower, but also Tribes Frankfurt Baseler Oval Station!


I can hear you think: 'why do you open two locations in the same city, before you even opened the location in Germany?' Well, that is very simple. The startup scene is even bigger in Germany. Germany is in fact named the third most innovative country in the world! As always, the capital is mentioned most in connection with the success of a country in this area. And indeed, Berlin is doing its best. But... I did my research.


Frankfurt is (still) the underdog of Berlin, but I foresee that that will change in the future. For example, the city organizes a very popular 'FuckUp Night' several times a year; an evening when startups come together and learn from each other's mistakes. In addition, innovations in Frankfurt are not strange: the first airline in the world has its roots in Frankfurt (DELAG, Deutsche Luftschiffahrts-Aktiengesellschaft). Add all national and international corporates (good for capital and potential partners), and scholarships (you need a network as a startup) and you have an ideal climate for a startup scene. Not only a nice place for residents of Frankfurt, but also for all those Dutch startups to spread their wings abroad!


PS: Do you want a tour to experience the atmosphere at one of our Tribes locations? From me personally, or from one of our great Chiefs? Call Simba today on 0800 2255874, or mail!

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