Eduard Schaepman
7 May 2020


by Eduard Schaepman, on 7 May 2020

Don’t count the dead but count the living.


We’re constantly looking at what happened: how many deceased were there today? How many IC beds were occupied yesterday and how many have been added? And what was the process with past virus outbreaks? Knowing that is very useful of course, and therefore we know that a second wave is coming. But we don’t really look to the future.


About 65-80%, maybe even 90% of all corona patients who are in the ICU, are obese. There are more and more indications that overweight patients are hit harder by the virus, and that they ore more often in the ICU. Another study has shown that we’re gaining more and more corona pounds during the quarantine… We all have to stay at home, together with husband or wife, the children and even the pets. Consequence: the walls are closing in on people. Emotional eaters give in to their urges; athletes can’t burn their calories; mothers are baking against boredom (and eat the results with the rest of the family), etc, etc, etc. The government’s advice is a recipe for corona pounds.

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To make sure that we get through that second wave, and that we don't get any more of these situations in the future, we all have to take care of our immune system. I refer to my blog last week, in which I quote the advice of sports physician Ruud van Thienen: 50% of boosting your immune system can be done with sports. If only we would stimulate that, so that we can prepare for the future, instead of continuously living in the here and now, and looking into the past. Besides healthy food, sleep and vitamins, you just have to exercise. That will also help you get rid of that overweight, which will get you out of the risk group for corona. Win-win!

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There’s no logic in that too. People who are overweight should exercise to reduce the risk for themselves as much as possible, but only children up to the age of 18 (who have little risk anyway) are allowed to exercise together and visit their sport clubs again. The government doesn’t make it easy for us. It seems like they don’t like positive vibes anyway: we only count the number of deceased and IC-beds. Other countries keep track of the number of patients who have had corona and who are now reported cured, but we don’t. I would find it quite refreshing I have to say. To open the news with: ‘today 600 people have been cured from corona’. That would be great!


I understand that the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is busy. But the part I'm hammering on is already in the NAME of the ministry, so that indicates that they find it important, right? But we only hear about the first thing. Because the wellbeing of all Dutch people will only improve if we are allowed to exercise again, and if we can make endorphins. And yes, we can do that in front of the TV. Or in your garden. But we want to go outside, run and cycle for miles, visit our clubs, or start training at the gym, because social contact is sometimes just the stick behind the door that people may need to start moving.

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But anyway, as with many other things, we have to facilitate some things ourselves. So, at Tribes we've set up a sports area in our Blue Zone Offices (corona-proof), where you can work with a virtual trainer. Very cool: you are facing a smart mirror on which you can select all kinds of trainings, from beginner to advanced and expert. After your training you can go to the Junea machine to get some vitamins and take a nap in our relaxation room. And that’s just in the office!  Call 0800-2255874 or email for a request!

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