Sustainable rally

Eduard Schaepman
24 Oct 2019

Sustainable rally

by Eduard Schaepman, on 24 Oct 2019

As a result of the Low Car Diet and Tribes' participation in UitdeFileaanhetWerk, I am very interested in sustainable ways of transport. And I keep on doing that, even though we're not 100% sure if it really has an impact on the environment (see my previous blog), but there’s no harm in trying, I guess. Anyway, I was looking into some possibilities, and that's how I came across some really cool scooters. They are called ‘city-riders’; they’re electric, and they don't go faster than 25KM (although some seem to go faster).


Long before I came across the city-riders, we had decided to hold a rally on October 17 in Rotterdam, for all our valuable business broker contacts. We thought it would be great to show that group all our 4 locations in Rotterdam, but we wanted to do that in a bit of an original way. So, while all the brokers registered for our event, we went looking for transport. The car was not an option; the average broker is quite competitive, and we didn't really like the idea to race across the Coolsingel with cars. And yes, you saw it coming: we’ve chosen the city-rider!


On October 17th there were 25 city parked riders on the Weena, next to a Tribes Mini (yes, that indeed caused some confusion, but Chief Bruce came from Capelle with our shared car, and couldn't find the parking garage ;) ). First, I received a fantastic prize from Rick Rosier on behalf of Flexas: the Outstanding Office Space 2019 award, and after a presentation of myself, it was Chief Broker Ligaya, who explained the rules of the game ... It was simple: get a keychain at every location, answer all questions correctly, and the first one back has won the huge cup (he looked really bigger on the internet…). The group was looking forward to it, but on the way to the city-riders they really got enthusiastic.  

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-18 at 16.11.47-1

All ladies and gentlemen got a big smile on their faces, and after some healthy tension (‘I don’t know if I can drive this thing!’) everyone stepped on his city-rider, found his/her team and then it was finally time to go. Apparently they have stirred things up in the center of Rotterdam; drove against the direction on the Erasmus Bridge, drove over the sidewalks and parked double when they entered a location... Luckily it's not that fast at 25km per hour, but next time we will get the time element out of it… Especially since all those brokers were so involved in the game that they hardly saw anything of our locations!


Anyway, team JLL with Tanja Popkin, Willem Rath and Ernst Willem Saers was the fastest, and they took home that coveted cup. While Frank Visser and Jeroen Bollaart made a spontaneous ride on the city-rider, the rest of the group was enjoying a very nice 'Huli' Schaepmannetje cocktail (Tribes cocktails with Schaepmannetje jenever are shared on Friday on our social media channels). It was a great event and we're sure to repeat it in the big cities... We just don't know where we're going first yet... Brussels, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, The Hague... Do you have a suggestion? Let me know via!

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