The network tournament

Eduard Schaepman
12 Dec 2019

The network tournament

by Eduard Schaepman, on 12 Dec 2019

Networking, you can't get around it these days. Take the MIPIM, PROVADA, EXPO-Real, and MAPIC in our real estate world and the Effie Awards, the SAN Accents and the Lions in the communications world. You always meet the same people, so we send each other some reminders and this week I received the first one: 'Is the date already in your agenda for PROVADA 2020, Ed?'.


But the 'network tournament' starts in January with the New Year's receptions of, among others, municipalities, provinces and companies. Networking doesn't just take place in a business setting, because we also visit the fun carnival parties, especially for the Southerners, in Mestreech, Oeteldonk, Lampengat and at the Kruikenzeikers. We see the ones who survived these days, at the Gooische Lech Borrel in the spring. During a networking meeting at high altitude, we finish the qualification round of our tournament.

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After this the main tournament will be opened, where the best dishes are served. We start with the National Asparagus Party, where the most enterprising Limburger of the year is the centre of attention. Of course, we enjoy the white gold. Soon after, the first batch of shellfish follows: The Lobster batch.


As a keeper of warmth between the corridors, it used to be very interesting to have a table at the Amsterdam Diner, but there is less efficient networking for entrepreneurs. This is mainly due to the high number of starting artists and soap stars, i.e. the many politicians. Nothing to the detriment of this fantastic dinner, but it is less interesting from a business point of view. A lot of time is often spent on auctions and presentations, which makes networking almost impossible.

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Once you have gone through the described phases, the real work is about to begin: the herring parties. The National Herring Party is of course one of the greatest, followed by the Hilton Herring Party. But we must not forget the newcomer: The Gooische Haringparty of Moeke Spijkstra and Wexxs. At one point I had about 3 to 4 invitations per day for herring parties, where I find the Amsterdam Herring Party of the rowing club still one of the most special ones.


There is no summer break in the world of networking, we just combine it with the many sporting events in that period. The various polo and golf events have been very popular for a while, but they are not really efficient either. Anyway, it's more fun when you're a fan of the sport, so personally I'd rather go to the Giro, the Tour de France or Vuelta (and for the latter I've never had an invitation, so anyone? :). But every year I go to the coolest event there is, the Formula 1 Spa-Franco champs.


Personally, every year I close the summer season at the 'Night of the Salt' in Knokke. During this night, the new fashion year is introduced, with as many as 50 different receptions and fashion shows.


Once back in the Netherlands, we've reached the end of the networking tournament, and we're going to the galas. Galas for charity, like Stichting Hulphond, but also the Red Cross Gala, Spieren voor Spieren, and of course the Dutch Real Estate Gala in Huis ter Duin. And last but not least, once every two years the Mussel Gala. Once you have completed this round, you can call yourself the winner of the networking tournament. You don't have much time to recover, because then the whole tune starts all over again!

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