Eduard Schaepman
30 Jan 2020


by Eduard Schaepman, on 30 Jan 2020

As a father of young children, you’ll learn a lot of things. You'll be the first to know what clothes to wear or not to wear (you'll see me nowadays on casual Friday in jeans with a hoodie), you'll know which words to use or not, and before you know it, you'll be challenged to a challenge on TikTok (an app that allows you to edit a movie on which you dance, sing or play with different effects. Although you probably know it already, because it’s been widely discussed in the national news last week). 


Among the youth it's hot and happening. It’s no longer about Instagram or Facebook, not even about Snapchat: it’s all about TikTok. When my daughters came up with such a challenge last week, I had to participate of course. It takes some time to understand before you’ve mastered an app like that, but my daughters were happy to explain it to me. At that age they all know it like the back of their hand: the digital world is anything but a challenge for our children. They spend half an afternoon clicking and tapping, and the app no longer holds any secrets for them.

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I, on the other hand, need a little longer, but I recently came across a nice new app. By now I know everything about Polarsteps, the app to follow people's journeys, and I think it is totally awesome (being a real business nomad). You can make a little report of your trip, complete with photos, captions, and your location can be followed live. Via this app you’re always up to date on someone’s adventure, and that’s definitely fun for the family to follow. It’s a kind of track&trace for people, so to speak.

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In a week's time a very special trip is planned, because I'm going to visit another tribe! Together with the Best Tribebuilder of 2019, Juul Klumpes of NL Real Estate and Online manager (also cameraman) Muhammed Aydogan, we will go 'offline' for a week, to learn everything about the rituals and daily life of another culture (which tribe exactly, will stay a little surprise for a while). Of course, we'll capture everything for the next episode of our 'Nomads all over the World' documentary series.

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But before we head south, I'm going abroad with Co-Founder Jasper Bekkering. Because when you're not only 'in real estate', but also 'in the tribes', you sometimes get a nice request. This time we got the request to capture the legend of the 12 tribes of Israel for Nomads all over the World! That is of course a very special request and we will gladly research it. So, before the big adventure with Juul begins, I'm going to visit Israel with Jasper to find out more about this special story.


Do you want to know where the journey will take us? Follow us on Polarsteps, where I will report regularly:



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