Tribes all over the World

Eduard Schaepman
16 Jul 2020

Tribes all over the World

by Eduard Schaepman, on 16 Jul 2020

No, I’m not confused with ‘Nomads all over the World’, nor any announcement of additional locations (although… stay tuned). But even though the holidays feel a bit different this year (in Knokke, Veronique and the kids suddenly had to wear face masks in every shop), Tribes is represented all over the world. Many keychains travel with us all across the world, and we even see the Nomads sweater in other parts of the world!

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If you would look in the trunk of my car, you would think I started a different business. No fake Louis or Chanel, but real Tribes products. Of course, it varies from keychains to water bottles and bags, but our collection has recently been expanded to include sweaters, polo's, caps and towels! I myself love these gadgets, but you can also do others a favor and promote your brand at the same time. So, I always have something with me: before I go to a networking event, I take some keychains or sunglasses with me. Even on a trip to the nomadic tribes I had a whole range of products with me. So, don't be surprised when you see a Masai man in a Tribes sweater in Africa...

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We’ve noticed pretty soon that not only the Masai loved our Tribes sweater. Not only our own team preferred to wear it day and night, the brokers also thought it was a successful item. Especially nice to see a spouse wearing it in the supermarket! The sweater wouldn’t be that great without the fashionable eye of good friend Pim Duetz (indeed, from the shop with the same name), who designed it. Thank you Pim, dark blue is our new black!


After the hoodie it was time for a matching cap: thanks to Q-Promotions, our heads are protected from the bright sun this summer. Cousin (and our favorite Tribes model) Philip Kranendijk likes to show the cap: don’t you think it’s nice?


But with the high temperatures we're probably going to have to deal with again soon, we'd like to leave that hoodie in the closet. So Pim has again made such a wonderful design, and a lot of beautiful polo's have been delivered. Matching of course, we want to keep it stylish. Lovely to wear on just another day, but also very suitable for sports (and with our sports towel and water bottle you're all right again).


You would almost think that I have indeed started a new business, right? Well who knows, I'm sure we'll need something else this winter. A jacket or gender-neutral pants (or skirt ;)), all options are open. Someone a nice idea, or a request?

wk29 es DSC06219

PS: would you really like to receive a sweater, polo shirt, cap or another item? If you take it on a trip with a #tribesallovertheworld, we will send it to you!

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