Valentine's Day too commercial?

Eduard Schaepman
14 Feb 2019

Valentine's Day too commercial?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 14 Feb 2019

What is your romantic gesture today? A bouquet of flowers? The eternal perfume? A cosy dinner? Or do you think it is all just commercial hassle? Of course, the day of love is a great opportunity to do some marketing activities, and I’m sure that you have received a lot of offers about Valentine's Day, just like me.

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At our own marketing department there has been some discussion about the subject going on for a while now. The plans of the men and ladies are discussed (from a romantic dinner to a piece of jewelry and even a trip to Rome), but also the question about the meaning of Valentine's Day is addressed. After all, why should you only show on one day of the year that you love someone? You have to show every day that you love someone, and you don't need flowers or any other gift to do that, right? Isn't it really one big commercial hassle?


Originally, Valentine's Day was the day that you surprised your secret love with a postcard or a small present. So yes, of course there are plenty of gift shops and flower shops that benefit from it. Also, just like every other tradition, mankind has managed to make something enormous out of a fun, small tradition. Walk into thesupermarket this afternoon: you can already buy Easter eggs, and let's not talk about the December products, which will start again this summer. wk07 es Eduard en veronique

But anyway, back to the commercial aspect of Valentine's Day, as far as I am concerned, we have indeed gone a bit over the top. Your loved one really doesn't need a present from you to know that you love her, but still, I believe that as a man you can give that little bit of extra commitment on such a day. And let's be honest; some of us men just need it, because when else will we bring a bouquet of roses home?


wk07 es pic4But instead of surprising her with a romantic dinner for two, I can't make my Véronique happier than with a nice dinner with our family. So tonight, the five of us will sit in a restaurant and enjoy the 'product' of our love: our three great kids.


How did the discussion in the marketing department end? The only single in the middle, which is incredibly pro-Valentine’s Day (we're talking about a marketing department, where something as commercial as Valentine’s Day is of course welcomed with open arms), thought it was time for a gift tip: a Bluecard for yourself, so that you can get out of the house and your partner finally has some time for himself. I found it a nice win-win situation: he/she can relax in peace and you can work in a 5-star environment with all the facilities you need to be productive (and a very good reason to treat yourself)!

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