Wind, sunshine or rain: it’s a party at Tribes

Eduard Schaepman
18 Jul 2019

Wind, sunshine or rain: it’s a party at Tribes

by Eduard Schaepman, on 18 Jul 2019

It’s no news that the weather is changeable in the Netherlands. It’s too windy, it’s too cold or too hot, and too wet or too dry: we’re always complaining. The Dutch use the subject to start a conversation: complaining about little things like the weather, forms a connection.  

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We’ve heard it more than once lately. One day it was a bit stuffy, the other day a little colder and or we’ve had quite some showers (let’s not even mention the heat a few weeks ago). ‘Changing weather’, as we know it in the Netherlands. But it's funny that we can't cope with all these circumstances in a country with such different weather.


With a heavy rainstorm, we won’t take the bike, a few flakes of snow keep us off the roads and in a heat wave we take the day off, because ‘with that heat it’s really unbearable in the office’.

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With extreme temperatures it indeed gets a bit warmer in the office. That's not surprising: the technical installations in large buildings are often almost 30 years old. We now have much more knowledge of climate control, but this has not yet been applied everywhere.


So, for the time being we are powerless with high temperatures: the building just is not up to the task. But what can you do when you hear your members sighing and see them sweat? Exactly: then you give them tips & tricks that they can use. Because when it gets so hot, you just have to anticipate.


Usually, these tips are only sought out when it's already 30+ for a couple of days. But precisely at those moments, everyone runs to the Blokker or goes to for a swimming pool, BBQ or a fan, so you have to wait extra long for it to arrive. Because as soon as that heat is over, you don't feel like investing in things like that. But if you anticipate, you'll have the right resources when you need them.


wk29 ES ice coffeeThat's how we do it at Tribes. On those hot days you can complain very loudly, but you can also drop by with an ice cream coffee, or with that refreshing fruit water. Or you can call everyone together to lift a table outside, where you can have lunch, but also work, and meet. You open your location extra early, so that anyone who works with a tropical schedule can come in early. And when it's really Dutch (dog) weather again, we walk around asking if someone needs an umbrella, but better still: we just have a drink while we wait until it's dry. We’ve anticipated: there’s enough beer!


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