Winter guests

Eduard Schaepman
28 Nov 2019

Winter guests

by Eduard Schaepman, on 28 Nov 2019

Just like Linda de Mol has her ‘Summer guests’, Erwin Asselman has his ‘Winter guests’. I've known the director of VG Visie for years, and I'm proud that almost every year he invites me to be a so-called ‘Winter Guest’, to participate in an in-depth interview for the end of the year magazine 'Wintergasten'. Everyone in the real estate industry in the Netherlands is looking forward to the magazine, just like me.

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I'm a real fan of the magazine, because it combines the business visions with the personal visions, giving you very beautiful stories. And you know I love them: stories are about passion! So, I think it's amazing that I was invited to participate again this year (you can read the article here) and that I was invited to appear on stage. In total there are 56 Winter guests in the magazine, of which 4 are invited to tell their story on stage at the launch event, which took place last Tuesday at the Rabobank in Utrecht.

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And what an event it was! It was a great success, with great speakers, a great audience and a great organization. The room was completely full - no more people were allowed to attend for safety reasons, otherwise they would have been there - and the atmosphere was great. Before I go on stage, I always have some healthy tension. I can't call it real nerves (unlike my performance at Bloomberg in New York), but that kind that makes you feel even better. After fellow Winter guests Roel van de Bilt and Wouter Orth had completed their round of questions, I was announced.

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‘He likes to entertain people. He also calls himself Chief Entertainment Officer and is therefore not a typical CEO. He conducts job interviews in brown pubs and during appraisal interviews the staff is tired by a personal trainer’'. That's a wonderful introduction, isn't it? The interview with Ruud Hendriks lasted 20 minutes, and was, just like the magazine, a combination of business and personal questions. I was already allowed to indicate in advance that I would like to discuss the book Homo Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, because it shows so well that you have to think about our development. You can always want to look ahead, but a look back is very instructive.


Of course, you also have to look to the future, as was also mentioned in the conversation. Because, yes, it may seem as if little has happened in the past year, but we have actually optimized a great deal at Tribes. Not only our team, but also our strategy. For example, Tribes is doing extremely well in international cities, and those locations also fit in better with what we do. After all, there are not without reason no 5-star hotels in Zutphen. So, we're going to focus on such international cities, and next year mainly on Germany, because it's also a nice place to do business (German entrepreneurs keep their promises).

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It was a great event, and after Winter guest Jeroen van Valen had told his story, it was time for a very successful networking event. But of course, everyone was eager to open up the magazine and read about everything that has happened and is going to happen in the real estate world! Erwin, thank you so much!

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