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Eduard Schaepman
21 Nov 2019

World news

by Eduard Schaepman, on 21 Nov 2019

Perhaps you’ve already seen it: this week I’m in New York for business. Besides a number of other appointments, I visited our competing colleagues to talk about how they’re doing their business, and how we’re doing our business: we can learn from each other! Of course, Veronique accompanied me on this trip, because besides the business there is also time for relaxation. But the best part of this trip was the invitation from Bloomberg TV to come and give my vision on the flexible market, based on the whole WeWork story.


The fact that Tribes is gaining fame on the other side of the ocean already became clear at the beginning of October: a journalist from Bloomberg was on my voicemail (time difference, so when I got the call I was still sleeping), to give my opinion about everything that’s happening with WeWork. I have to say that’s quite a compliment and there have been some nice articles written about it. Surely, I felt quite proud; as an entrepreneur from our little country, I was asked to give my vision on the matter! Just a little later, it got even better: a lady from the editorial staff of Bloomberg TV asked me to come to their headquarters for an interview! As it happens, I had already planned a nice business trip, so that fitted in perfectly with the agenda.

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Just before the interview I had an appointment with a competitor at Nello's, a well-known Italian restaurant. There we had an interesting meeting with the ex of Trump! In the next blog more about this. After lunch it was an 8-minute walk to Bloomberg on Park Avenue 735. A large, heavily secured building, one you can’t just enter. Armed with a visitor's pass we were allowed to enter the 30-level high building, where about 1800 journalists were working for TV and radio - behind the computer or in one of the studios.

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My interview was with Gillian Tan, a journalist from Australia, who has been working and living in New York for 6 years, in the Meat Packing district. Our conversation was all about Tribes, and how great she thought it was that we are profitable after only 3 years with Oaktree. Most of them hadn't managed to do that in the US yet. And she can know, she told us, because she can check everything (including us).


She thought this was newsworthy and asked me if I wanted to go on prime-time TV, with Scarlet and Carolyn. Well... I can't turn that down… And then everything went into a stream gear. Analysts were set up to check all the facts. Designers were going to make the background presentation and me?

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I first had to enjoy the fantastic view on the 30th, she said. Beautiful indeed, but the nerves struck. So, I went down again, to the make-up room. Then, Gillan said goodbye to me and I went to Hannah, who took me to Studio 2. I would have to wait there for another 5 minutes, before Froy came to accompany me to Studio 1. He gave me a headset, Patricia combed my hair for the last time, and Froy pulled up my tie, and then it was time to go on the floor. I met Scarlet and Caroline very briefly, and then you are on stage.......

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What an experience, and what an interest they have in Tribes! Everything is real and pure, very different from what I am used to with the Dutch media. An entrepreneur is really appreciated in the US, he/she takes care of the incomes of many families, as is their vision.


From the moment I've been on Bloomberg TV my world has changed a little bit. I've never spoken, emailed or called so many Americans before.  Well, it's also a pretty big step: from the studio in Hotels van Oranje of Business Class to the Studios of Bloomberg in New York.


Thanks for all the beautiful responses!



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