Eduard Schaepman
12 Oct 2017


by Eduard Schaepman, on 12 Oct 2017

I’ve met a lot of different people during my career. To be honest, there are few who really surprised me, but there are some who absolutely show that you can never trust your own first opinion. I’ve learned early in my life that you should judge someone before you know them, but it’s something that we like to do in the Netherlands anyway.


The average HR department judges CVs by age, and when you’re too old or too young you won’t stand a change. Young people don’t have enough experiences and old people are often unable to change. At least, that’s what how we judge each other. As Chief of Tribes, but also in my former jobs, I have learned that it’s not always like that.


One of the people who truly surprised me, is business partner Marcel Boekhoorn. Marcel is a man of my age, and I can proudly say that we are considered ‘a bit older than the average entrepreneur’. But nothing is less true, and he is the example that society is mistaking. There is nothing better than working with Marcel, a fantastic, pure and passionate man. And ‘despite his age’, he is always everywhere, has a young and dynamic mindset and has done incredibly much. I bet that many HR department would hire Marcel right away, despite that number on his cv…


Another reason why your application won’t pass the first round, is a young age. ‘ He has no experience, and we’ll have to spend a lot of time in coaching him…’, is a common reason. However, I can recommend them to try it for once. Meet one of those younger people, and be amazed about what they can do. Talk to him or her, and maybe he or she has a great mindset, a huge drive and learns very quickly. I love to work with such young people, and indeed, you need to coach them for a while, but after you’ll reap the fruits of it yourself.


While literally reaping the fruits for a new hero tribe, I developed a perfect theme for the newest Brussels location. The hero tribe of Tribes Brussels European Quarter will be the Hunza, a small group of people from Pakistan. The Hunza are world famous because of the myth that they can get very old. In 1984, Said Abdul Mobudu was at the immigration service, when they were stunned by his age. The number in his passport said that he was 160 years old. Of course, this news was all over the internet, and there were even more very old people in Said Abduls hometown. People believed this longevity myth could be true because the Hunza eat a lot of apricots, which could benefit their health. Soon, it turned out that it was a bit different, and that the Hunza actually have the solution to all our prejudices. They don’t count their age in years of life, but they also include wisdom, experience and achievements. So, an average farmer can be younger than a farmer who has fewer years of life, but who has already been more successful!


So, let’s stop judging on how long somebody has been on this earth, but let’s look at someone’s achievements, experiences, successes and talents, just like the Hunza. I thought it was quite appropriate to inspire the heart of the European Union with this theme… Learn more about the Hunza and their insights at Tribes Brussels European Quarter! The grand opening of this location will be on the 5th of October and Vice President of the Brussels Parliament, Fouad Ahidar will be present. Want to join us in our celebration? Email!

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