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Private Day Office

Your own office for the day!

During work hours, you'll have access to a fully furnished private office. The cost is for one person. You can also use the innovative coworking places, lounges, cafés, and restaurant areas. Every workspace is fully equipped and includes complimentary high-speed internet, coffee, and tea.

You can hire inspirational office spaces on demand at Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, offering you and your company more flexibility to meet your individual needs.

A private office space for one day.

  • 8 hours access
  • Access to all common spaces and coworking spaces.
  • Free tea & coffee

IMPORTANT: We are sorry to inform you the Private Day Office of Amsterdam Raamplein, Rotterdam Blaak, Frankfurt Marienforum and Düsseldorf GAP is unavailable to book. Please note that all other locations except Raamplein, Blaak, Marienforum and GAP are available for this specific product.

Private Day Office


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