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The future of work looks much different than it did just a few months ago, with the onset of COVID-19 causing professionals to rethink their day-to-day routines and their ideal workspace. For many, working from home has proved to be an overall positive experience, leading to improved mental well-being, more time with family, and various cost-savings. Nevertheless, people miss having a place to go during the day—which is where coworking spaces come into play.

In a recent study by JLL, 58% of newly established remote workers claimed to long for an office space for a variety of reasons. In the Americas, for instance, respondents most commonly missed their daily routines; in EMEA, they missed human interaction; and in Asia, they missed a professional environment that enabled focus.

Thus, a combination of in-office work and remote work are complementary when it comes to achieving human performance—and coworking spaces provide the ideal solution for this combined style of work.

As one of the fastest-growing European providers of flexible office space, Tribes Inspiring Workplaces has registered 21 of its locations on Global Pass across Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Recently, Tribes made headlines by setting an exemplary precedent for the coworking industry with its “corona-proof” office concept, Blue Zone Offices. Now, Global Pass users can trust that all of the Tribes’ locations are designed to provide safe work environments where health and social distancing is the top priority. With features like thermal cameras and face-mask dispensers, Tribes’ coworking offices make it easy for members to take care of their health and wellness—even while at work.

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