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Recently, I organized a networking event at the Amsterdam Zuidas. It was a lively event. Our X-Tribe is located in the ITO building, which is a modern community where influencers from business, culture, sports and science meet. In the presence of the two honorary guests - Medhi Chiadmi, councilor of the Moroccan ambassador to the Netherlands, and Consul General Salim Lahjomri - I unveiled the newest member of this special Tribe's tribe: national football coach Walid Regragui. You can read more about the event in this newsletter, but I would like to share what inspired me to organize this event. Or rather, who inspired me. That is Regragui.

During the last World Cup, I was very impressed with what this man achieved. From a seemingly random assembled team - essentially a collection of egos, personalities and individualists - he forged a strong, winning team. A group without cohesion suddenly had coherence and, moreover, a shared goal. And acted on it, successfully!

It strongly reminded me of the way I have been organizing and leading teams for more than thirty years, in various organizations. I have always enjoyed motivating different kinds of people with diverse backgrounds, bringing them together and letting them work towards a goal. And still do.

In the concept of my biggest business passion – Tribes, of course – all my experiences come together. This company is built on the idea that the combination of diversity and variety on the one hand and unity and community on the other hand greatly contribute to success. Socially, culturally, and commercially.

Moreover, and this is essential, I always try to gain new experiences, to get to know new cultures, peoples, customs, and religions. That's why I started Nomads All over the World a few years ago, a series in which my encounters with inspiring nomadic people, cultures, and communities are shown.

Soon I will be traveling again, so stay tuned!

Eduard Schaepman

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