Fourth German Tribes location fully corona proof

Work safely with right ventilation

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Tribes Inspiring Workplaces announces the expansion of its German operators. The new location in the Marienforum, located at Mainzer Landstrasse 1 in Frankfurt am Main, will be fully corona proof. The site, right in the financial heart of Frankfurt, consists of 1,985m2 divided over the ground floor, 1st and 8th floors.


In the middle of the corona crisis, the provider of inspiring workplaces decides to open an additional location in Frankfurt, which is a direct result of the rising demand for flexible office solutions due to the same crisis. Chief and Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman indicates that he wants to expand to be prepared for the future. ‘We've seen it happen in China, but we're also beginning to experience it for ourselves. More and more people are looking for a flexible workplace, either to escape from the kitchen table or to provide employees with a workplace since they don’t have enough space in their own office to take all distancing measures into account. In addition, it is becoming less and less attractive to continue to use traditional lease contracts, to which you are often stuck for a long time. The uncertainty that this time brings results in an accelerated shift from traditional renting to flexible renting.’

Fully coronaproof

Schaepman is aware of the importance of good facilities in the workplace, and at this location, which is being built during the corona crisis, has focused entirely on a coronaproof concept. ‘This means, of course, calculating sufficient distance between the workplaces, thinking about smart routing and, above all, taking care of the ventilation. A good ventilation system ensures that the aerosols - which play a proven role in the contamination of the corona virus - are pushed out of the room, and that's what we're going to achieve'. The existing overhead systems, in which the air is blown in from above and also extracted from above, increase the chance of the virus spreading. After all, the air circulates. That's why Tribes ensures that these systems are converted into so-called Downflow systems, which are also used in operating theatres and airplanes. Downflow systems blow air in from above and have extraction points as low as possible on the ground. In this way, present aerosols are forced downwards, and the chance of spreading the virus is minimized.

Frankfurt’s financial heart

Frankfurt has been an interesting business location for entrepreneurs for a long time, not only because of the city's financial character, but also because of its thriving startup scene. Now, however, there is a great demand for workplaces because of the corona virus: 'Certainly in such a financial heart, people want to get back to work quickly. By now about a quarter of German employees work from home, but they crave social contact and a good occupational health and safety technical workplace'. The predecessors of this location, Frankfurt Garden Tower and Frankfurt Central Station, were both filled within a short time.

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