Future of Offices: A Flexible Shake-Out

IPE discusses Tribes as the working environment of the future

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Across the business world various stakeholders are left questioning what the future of an office space looks like, all while simultaneously considering the implications of Covid-19 on their business. It's true that co-working spaces have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, with various locations temporarily having to close or instantaneously reconfigure a rapid covid response.

Here at Tribes, not only were we one of the first Covid-ready office spaces available, but we have continued to expand. Confidently understanding our flexible format and services are what most businesses and employees will come to expect once they emerge from working from home arrangements.

Firstly, with flexible booking processes, it's never been easier to clearly analyse options available to your business. Only half your workforce available to come back to the office? Book a space that suits those specific needs until your business returns to full capacity. This subsequently gives businesses the freedom to make less of a commitment to permanent spaces, especially when trying to experiment with the perfect formula for diverse staff, teams and requirements.

Finally, given the huge impact of coronavirus, we understand businesses need the convenience of realistic contracts on a rolling basis and therefore need shorter rental periods to stay economically viable during such a volatile time. The days of 10 year commitments to one building are gone.

These are just some of the reasons IPE Real Assets emphasises Tribes adaptability as a future advantage, if not the practical way forward for most businesses as we emerge from such an uncertain time for both employee and employer.

"Co-working providers are probable casualties of COVID-19. But the flexible office market itself could become bigger and stronger, writes Maha Khan Phillips"

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