How To Handle The New Generation At Work

Understanding the new generation of workers

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Generation Z are the first 'digital native' generation, who have grown up with access to the internet and portable digital devices from an early age. They have developed distinctive, transformational consuming habits that have begun to influence global businesses.
The Global Recession shaped this generation. During their early years, many of them observed their parents suffer significant financial difficulties and as a result, this generation considers job security to be a high priority.
According to a Business Insider Intelligence study, Gen Z are more proactive, money-conscious, and realistic, but also demand a stimulating and sociable environment which leads to a significant difference in how Millennials like to use their skills at work.

Gen Z are the generation that do not settle for less. The bigger, the better.

This new generation of workers are incredibly competitive and want their work to be meaningful. They rank job duties and responsibilities higher than any previous generation. Studies suggest that Gen Z are a hard working, very ambitious and well-educated generation, who are also more racially and ethnically diverse than ever. Their main characteristic is their desire for stability.

So what motivates Gen Z at work?

Motivating the new generation means providing opportunities of growth and nurturing their talents, interests, and values. They seek to be associated with a company for a long period of time and expect them to provide growth within the company, to help develop their skills and most importantly; to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work.
Working in a team is not a problem for Gen Z but they generally prefer to work independently and individually to show and obtain credit for their work. Appreciating and acknowledging their effort is the key to motivation them!
Generation Z value transparency and authenticity, particularly in the workplace. Being realistic about the brand builds trust, and that involves being open about your companies principles and ethics.

Gen Z value a sense of community

By creating a community atmosphere within the office, companies can encourage deeper connections. However, this can prove quite difficult to achieve if most employees work from home. As a result, companies must consider the factors to meet the requirements and needs of the younger generation, and flexible workplace providers could be the answer.

Coworking allows members of Generation Z to surround themselves with familiar faces and frequently hold networking and lunch events, allowing them to build a tight community and sharing their experience in social media.

Overall Gen Z's ace is technology and they love to show what they do and how they do it. Sharing on a global level is what they do and in order to share unique content, they demand unique spaces. Bright colours, geometric shapes, modern or vintage touch to any location, will attract the new generation.

They need an office which offers the last trends: recreational areas with couches and games, healthy snacks with vegan and vegetarian options, gym or fitness discounts at the nearest facilities and high-tech meeting rooms to facilitate hybrid working.

Understanding the work ethic of Generation Z can help us to understand how the way of work is changing. When it comes to employers, this generation is more selective. They want honesty and clear ethics. However, given the right environment, they are prepared to put in the effort.

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