Inspiring Colleague: Sebastian Velez

Meet the Chief of Brussels Central Station

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Walking into Tribes Brussels Central Station is like returning home, and hopefully this article explains a bit more about what has made visits to this location across the past two years an experience as opposed to a simple business or work related formality.

This location opened its doors over 3 years ago to an eager Belgian business community who were in need of a fresh approach to office space solutions, coworking and meeting rooms. Enter Sebastian. As chief of Brussels Central Station for two years he has been the central figure, the linchpin and a direct source of success for this location.

Sebastian was born in Colombia in the vibrant and colourful hills of Medellín. For well over 10 years he has lived in Belgium, being raised in Bruges before finally settling in Brussels. You might be wondering what this has to do with the role of chief? Sebastian brought all these experiences, perspectives and life lessons learnt across the way into his motivational and determined approach as an all-round open, approachable and down to earth leader. Boasting not one or two but four languages alongside a wealth of sales and operational exposure, it's easy to see why Sebastian excelled in the position for so long. The 30-something year old brought life to a location, and it didn't take very long to evidently see the rapport that he had built with each member who entered and exited his location.

Challenging times during Covid-19

Sebastian was asked about challenges faced during his time as Chief of Brussels Central Station:
“Corona has definitely been troublesome in so many ways. Also, at work the pressure went up, and we as a team definitely felt the extra work, even with continuous double shifts in other departments. It’s an effort most chiefs were willing to make, but months and actually more than a year later it started to weigh more. But communication with supportive colleagues and managers has always been key. In those times, even the members bonded more, as they felt a stronger connection with each other. In the end, the satisfaction is bigger when results are achieved in difficult circumstances”.

It's very telling the type of person Sebastian is when he is questioned on his greatest achievement while working as Chief of Tribes Brussels Central Station: “I would say filling up the location with clients in times of corona and creating a super diverse and beautiful community. I am extremely satisfied to have been part of such a success story, because it really was a large but quite abandoned location. With hard work and determination, it grew into easily the most vibrant and charming location of the neighbourhood. There are a lot of achievements we might neglect, as we might take them for granted. But finding solutions and making people smile almost on a daily basis is worth mentioning too”.

It's no easy task to create a consistent reputation as a hub for business of all kinds, never mind one that remains in high demand. From law firms to the Maldivian embassy to the young creative talent of Cameleon Studio, Sebastian has created a rare sight indeed, a collection of leading businesses all happy, comfortable and together under one roof. A hard-working team dedicated to their members and a natural and genuine vibe building wide.

Sebastian glides through the building for his last time this week. But the impact he made to his location will remain long after his new journey begins. The team here at Tribes wishes him the best of success with his big move and will no doubt continue to try to tempt him back in the future!

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